Mt. Si Senior Center celebrates service members with special Veterans Day lunch social

To honor the men and women who served in the armed forces, Mt. Si Senior Center hosted a special, free lunch for all veterans on Monday, November 11, 2019.

Dozens of service people from all branches of the military were welcomed at the event, featuring comments from retired Air Force Colonel Becky Steidle, the Rev. Lee Carney-Hartman of Snoqualmie United Methodist Church and North Bend Mayor Ken Hearing.

There was also a hot meal of Yankee pot roast, a raffle of the handmade blanket created by the senior center’s yarn therapy group, and treats from an area veteran-owned business.

In her invocation, Rev. Carney-Hartman emphasized the prayer for peace element of the program and the folly of war. Mayor Hearing gave a brief history of the story of the U.S.’s recognition of the unknown soldier, a tradition the country adopted from Great Britain after World War I. The tomb of the unknown soldier in Arlington National Cemetery is a monument to the fallen, and a place to mourn and commemorate for the families who never learned the fates of their soldiers after the war.

Following the lunch was the blanket raffle. Each veteran had been given a free ticket for the prize raffle when he or she signed in. The big winner was Roberto Guevara – congrats to him!

North Bend Mayor Ken Hearing shared his thoughts about Veterans Day, and the important symbolism of the tomb of the unknown soldier, during the Veterans Day lunch Monday. Photo courtesy of Mt. Si Senior Center
MC Becky Steidle recruited her nephew Blake Snyder to help at the Veterans Day luncheon, handing out raffle tickets for the handmade blanket, hanging, to every veteran in attendance. Photo courtesy of Mt. Si Senior Center
Roberto Guevara was the lucky winner of the handmade blanket, crafted by the senior center’s knitting and crocheting group. Photo courtesy of Mt. Si Senior Center

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