MSHS Principal Belcher's Freshman Learning Center Presentation Online – Your Chance To See It

Last week, Mount Si High School Principal, John Belcher, gave two presentations on SVSD’s future Freshman Learning Center; scheduled to open fall 2013.  The Twin Falls PTSA recorded the 30 minute presentation given at their school.

Mr. Belcher said the meeting format was predominantly the same as his earlier presentations to the Snoqualmie Valley School Board.  He added that the presentation includes “more on the reasoning why we feel the freshmen campus is the answer. ”

If you haven’t seen Mr. Belcher’s presentation, this is a simple way to do it.  The Snoqualmie Middle School PTSA is currently trying to schedule a time for Mr. Belcher to present on the FLC at their school as well.

To view the online presentation click here.


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  • Friends,
    While administrators claim that these 16 slides support annexation, several of the slides actually show just the opposite – that three middle schools have greatly improved student outcomes – and annexing SMS would harm rather than help our 9th Graders. I have put all 16 slides on our website: and included an explanation of why the slides prove that we should stay with three middle schools and not annex SMS. There is simply no benefit to annexation of SMS to create an isolated 9th Grade Campus. Regards, David Spring M.Ed. Parent North Bend

  • Mr. Belcher’s presentation is wonderful but he neglects to talk about how the 9th grade campus might help our kids prepare for the rigors of STEM coursework in college. He neglects to talk about kids dropping out of college because STEM coursework is “too darn hard.” (from the NYT…

    It just seems to me there is little or no coordinated effort between our elementary schools, middle schools and high school regarding math paths and the small number of students exit elementary school ready for algebra.

    It seems so backward to talk about success in college without mentioning that Alegbra II and geometry are prerequisites for chemistry and physics. (from Issaquah School District… And if our kids don’t have a strong background in algebra and geometry how in-depth is that chemistry class? If that chemistry class does not include algebra because “it’s too darn hard” will our kids be prepared for “a blizzard of calculus, physics and chemistry in lecture halls with hundreds of other students” their freshman year in college??

    There just doesn’t seem to be any dialogue regarding math reform starting in elementary school. If 6th graders enter middle school lacking math fluency and only our Hi-C kids are ready for pre-algebra in 6th grade and math paths are only posted at TFMS ( aren’t we forgetting something when we talk about a FLC and preparation for college beyond the “freshman math-science death march.”

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