Mount Si High School, Snoqualmie Valley Chamber of Commerce collaborate for February 6th Career Fair

Is your high school student interested in certain careers and wondering what that specific career track could entail? This week there is an opportunity for them to find out first-hand – and from community members.

The Snoqualmie Valley School District is focused on its mission statement of preparing students for College, Career and Citizenship.  With that mission in mind, it announced that on the morning of Wednesday, February 6th, Mount Si High School will host a Career Fair on its main campus. 

In collaboration with the Snoqualmie Valley Chamber of Commerce, about 50 professionals were recruited from a wide range of careers. These local business people are taking time out of their busy days to speak with students about their professions.   

Last week, MSHS and Two Rivers 10 to 12 grade students reviewed the list of career presenters and registered for three rotations at Wednesday’s Career Fair.  Industries represented include law enforcement, aerospace, environmental, broadcasting, software development, authors, biotech, architecture, business, marketing, law, communications, engineering, therapists, health care, the arts, and many more.  Included in this group are at least six Mount Si High School alumni. 

The presentations will include information about the career and its education and training pathways.  This year, the Career Fair is only for grades 10 to 12. Once the freshman are back on the main campus, future Career Fairs will include 9th grade.  

Find out more information about the Career Fair HERE. You can scroll down and see the wide range of careers represented at the February event.  

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  • During this Career Fair, a friend and myself are information security professionals co-presenting for the information security (aka cyber security) sessions, and we have some great information to pass along to students about the wide diversity of job roles for that career area. With 800,000 UNfilled job openings in the US currently that is growing 3 times faster than any other IT profession, fueling some of the highest salaries in IT, and giving even high school graduates who have an industry certification an entry into commercial businesses or military and college graduates a shoo-in, there is a fun role for just about anyone who pursues a career in this industry. Urge your student to sign up for the information security session to learn more, and just as importantly to pre-enroll in the cybersecurity course that Mount Si High School is planning to begin in Fall 2019 (pending sufficient enrollment). Of course, they’re always welcome to drop by the regular Wednesday after-school meetings of the Siber Defense Club at Mount Si HS (in the Library) to learn about ethical hacking and participating on our teams that compete against other high schools in cyber security games; our Wildcats have been among the top high schools in the nation in these contests, but more importantly it’s fun and requires no past experience, programming or math knowledge is not necessary, and it’s free!

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