Mount Si Cheer places 8th at National Championships

UPDATE | February 12th, 7:30PM

Mount Si Cheer [red squad] placed 8th in the final round of the UCA  High School Cheerleading Championships in Orlando, FL


MSHS cheer red squad after final round at nationals, 2/12/17


MSHS seniors Annie  Bluher, Ingrid May, Kaitlyn Rennie


They may tease their hair and wear sparkly eye shadow on performance day, but don’t let that fool you. It’s a sport and they are hardworking student athletes finishing up a season that began last May.

After qualifying for the UCA National High School Cheerleading Championships last summer, Mount Si High School Cheer [Red squad] encountered a series of obstacles, including multiple injuries (think broken bones while falling from stunts), illnesses (hello flu), losing teammates due to school conflicts – and then a big snow storm two days before their scheduled flight to Disney World for the 2017 National Competition.

But they persevered through the setbacks and team realignments to take second place at the State Championships in late January. Then, along with coaches Robby Sortore and Jessii Stevens, boarded their redeye flight on February 8th – finally Orlando-bound!

MSHS Red Cheer squad waiting for redeye flight to Nat’l Championships at SeaTac Airport, 2/8/17

After a couple of days enjoying the land of Mickey Mouse, Mount Si Cheer Red hit the mat on February 11, 2017, along with about 30 other qualifying teams from across the country, in the medium non-tumbling division. And they nailed their first round routine.

MSHS Cheer before Saturday, 2/11/17 performance

That performance sent them through to the semi-finals, which happened early Sunday, February 12th.  There were a couple of missteps during the technically difficult routine, but MSHS Red advanced again – making it through to the 2017 National High School Cheerleading Championship Finals and sealing a spot as one of the top nine squads in the country.

According to Coach Jessii Stevens, medium non-tumbling is an incredible division this year, filled with lots of spinning, releases and inversions.  She said, “We just have to hit and leave the rest up to the judges.” Mount Si will face teams from Florida, Minnesota, Pennsylvania, as well as others in the finals.

The Medium Non Tumbling Division Finals happen later Sunday.  Mount Si Cheer performs at 5:14PM Pacific Standard Time. The awards ceremony then follows around 7PM(PST).

The finals can be streamed live HERE.

Congratulations – and Go Wildcats!

Mount Si High School Red Cheer Squad members:  Halle Nicholson, Avery Barrett, Ingrid May, Addi Norris, Athena Chriest, Keira Mix, Erin Wollerton, Annie Bluher, Abby Mandella, Allie Banducci, Gia Arellano, Elizabeth Ward, Elizabeth Lower, Kaitlyn Rennie, Annie Hager.  Coaches: Robby Sortore and Jessii Stevens

Video National Championships performance that helped advance Mount Si to Sunday’s National Finals:


MSHS Cheer after qualifying for finals on 2/12/17




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  • What about the Mt Si White team that placed 1st at state in JV? Mt Si Red only placed 2nd…While white did not go to nationals, why are they constantly overshadowed?

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