Mother Nature Tries, and Fails, to Wrestle New 12th Man Flag Away from its Hillside Home

After a dramatic Seahawks win 27-26 win over the Minnesota Vikings, Dr. Mike Treuting and his new 12th man flag had an even MORE eventful early morning after the game.

As you may remember, Dr. Mike had just recently replaced his old 12th man flag with a new, more durable one that would not need to be dropped during our crazy PNW weather. It was expected that this new version would be able to withstand anything the universe lobbed at it. The new flag performed as expected and handled the night’s predicted 36 mph winds like a champ.

However, sometime after midnight, a BIG wind gust came along. The flag was SO durable and withstanding the wind pressure SO well it cracked the tree it was attached to, broke loose at the crack and dropped. Dr. Mike knew this would happen eventually. The tree had died years before; he just didn’t expect it that night.

When the damage was discovered the next morning, the damaged tree needed to be removed due to its precarious position over the Treuting’s house! After that, their only option was to isolate a tree approximately 20 feet further away, re-install the pulley system and get a much longer rope.

His buddy Miguel Galvan (of Four Paws Grooming) was again crazy enough to climb a ladder 30 feet in the air to secure it to the new tree.

The flag was again flying high within 24 hours of coming down. Nothing comes between a man and his 600 sq ft football freeway flag, not even Mother Nature, who is apparently a Patriots fan.

Even though it’s a bye week, as Dr. Mike would say, Geaux Hawks!

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  • Thanks for the update, we wondered what happened when we didn’t see it for a bit. Glad to know it’s back up, Go Hawks!

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