Morning Fire Destroys Garage and Part of North Bend Wilderness Rim Home

An early morning house fire was the wake up call for neighbors on a small cul-de-sac in the North Bend neighborhood of Wilderness Rim today.  Eastside Fire and Rescue was dispatched to the quiet street of 435th Ave SE shortly before 8AM, responding to reports of a house fire.  The Snoqualmie Fire Department was second to arrive

By 9:15AM the fire was extinguished, but there were still 6-7 Eastside Fire and Rescue and Snoqualmie FD fire trucks on scene; assessing damage and cleaning up.  A firefighter reported the home’s over-sized garage was completely destroyed, along with cars in it.  He also said the fire spread to part of the home’s living area.  Luckily, with a fast and large response by local fire enforcement and no wind, the fire was put out before engulfing the entire home.  It appears the fire might have started in the garage as it was completely destroyed, but not the whole home.

A witness at the scene reported neighbors quickly evacuated their homes when the fire started.  Homes on the cul-de-sac are within approximately 10-20 feet of each other and surrounded by nearby large fir trees.  A firefighter said they were lucky to get the fire out relatively fast so it could not spread to the adjacent trees, especially with the recent lack of rain and those trees being very dry.

No injuries were reported, although aid cars were at the scene.  One firefighter said they were lucky, the most they had to do was apply one band-aid.  One neighbor described the owner of the burned home as everybody’s friend, whom he was relieved was okay – even if his cars weren’t.

Fire before fire truck arrived. Photo courtesy of Shane Nelson
Fire crews on scene at Wilderness Rim morning fire
Garage and part of home destroyed, firefighters assessing and cleaning up

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