Missing woman and dog found safe near Mt. Teneriffe

UPDATE |  August 3, 2017, 2:15PM

King County Search and Rescue PIO Alan LaBissionere said search crews located Kimberly Haines this afternoon in the remote search area north of Mt. Teneriffe near Lake Hancock. He initially reported that she had a head injury, but was ok.

KCSO Guardian helicopter hoisted her out of the area to a waiting ambulance at Torguson Park in North Bend. Luckily, she suffered no major injuries. Haines’s dog, Rainey, was with her the entire time and is also ok.


UPDATE |  August 3, 2017, 9AM

After searching all night without finding missing hiker Kimberly Haines, King County Search and Rescue will move the search into a more remote area near Mt. Teneriffe – near Lake Hancock.  KCSAR received cell phone data that puts Haine’s phone somewhere in this area.

KCSAR Volunteer PIO Alan LaBissioniere explained that even without cell service, which disables exact GPS location, cell data can pinpoint the phone’s general location. He said that data gives them about a one square mile area where they think Haines could be.

In order to reach that location without a 7-8 mile rugged hike in hot temperatures, KCSO Guardian helicopter has been called in to transport six search teams to the remote area.

LaBissioniere said the helicopter will be using Torguson Park in downtown North Bend as its landing/takeoff location beginning around 10AM, August 3rd.  Local residents will likely notice the low-flying helicopter throughout the late morning/early afternoon.

Haines went missing Monday evening, July 31st after failing to return from the Mt. Teneriffe trail where she went on a long trail run with her dog. Her car was found at the trailhead.

SAR crews have been searching for her non-stop since Monday night, including overnight searches and using ATV’s, horses and canines.

We’ll post more updates as we get them.

Lake Handcock, northeast of Mt. Teneriffe trail. Photo: google maps


UPDATE |  AUGUST 2, 2017, 8:30AM

King County Search and Rescue crews searched the Mt. Teneriffe area all day Tuesday without locating Kimberly Haines. They headed back out at 6AM Wednesday and according to Volunteer KCSAR PIO Alan LaBissoniere, will include expand the search area to include the SMC Lakes and Handcock Lake area.

Horses, canines, ATV’s and ground crews are all being used in the large search mission that will utilize logging and de-commissioned roads. Heat is a concern, with temperatures expected to climb into the 90’s on Wednesday. LaBissoniere, said missing woman would be able to find water sources in the area.

Haines went missing on Monday after failing to return from a hike with her dog on the new Mt. Teneriffe trail. Her car was found at the trailhead. She is reportedly an experienced hiker.



According to the King County Sheriff’s Office, search crews scoured Mt. Teneriffe near North Bend overnight and all morning, August 1, 2017, looking for a missing Seattle woman who was last seen leaving for a hike on July 31st.

Kimberly Haines, who is in her 40’s, reportedly went to the Mt. Teneriffe trailhead to go running or hiking with her dog.

Around 6PM Monday evening, when she became overdue, King County Search and Rescue (KCSAR) was notified. Her car was located at the trailhead.

KCSAR is using horses, dogs, ATV’s and ground crews to search the area, but according to Volunteer PIO Alan LaBissoniere, they have found no signs pointing to Haines possible location yet. GPS tracking is not possible as there is no cell service in the area.

Helicopters were also brought in this morning, but did not have any luck locating Haines. Approximately 35 SAR crew members have responded for the mission.

If you’ve seen Haines or her dog, you are asked to call 911.


Kimberly Haines.




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  • Use a little logic, if she can not be reached by cell phone, then start looking at locations that are shadowed by the terrain from radio signals. USE an infra-red camera to locate any and all heat sources from the helicopter, then get a visual identification on all of them. Hopefully you will locate her

    Please post a warning sign at all of your trail heads, get people to USE A GPS nearly every phone sold these days has GPS enabled, and take a map.

    1. Ahhumm – ESAR has all these devices. They need not share tactics with public. ????

  • Could we NOT be jerks and leave the condescending rude remarks out of this and just hope they find them soon…

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