Mislabelled package leads to hazmat response at North Bend Theatre Friday night

A strange package led to a large firefighter response, Friday, November 29, 2019 in downtown North Bend.

According to a Eastside Firefighter tweet, around 6:30PM multiple units responded for a hazmat call to the North Bend Theatre after a box marked “highly contagious human substance” was reported.

The box was isolated and one person was taken to a hospital as a precaution while five hazmat techs established control zones in the area.

North Bend Theatre owner Beth Burrows said they received a mislabelled package that was leaking an unknown liquid and determined it was best to let professionals determine how best to dispose of it.

Burrows commented, “We are very appreciative of our Eastside Fire & Rescue and Snoqualmie Police. They were very efficient and professional.”

Eastside Firefighters later tweeted that Harborview Medical Center determined that the liquid was human urine. It was appropriately disposed at the North Bend Fire Station around 7:30PM.

At 8:20PM Eastside Fire and Rescue reported the area was deemed safe.

EF&R Hazmat crews in downtown North Bend, 11/29/19

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  • Glad to hear everything is ok in North Bend!! My brother and nephews family used to live there and my nephews wife works for police dispatch. Happy Holidays to all those who serve the public in many different ways!!

  • Living Snoqualmie