Meadowbrook Way to get Honorary ‘Wildcat Way’ name, celebrating Mount Si High School

Mount Si High School ASB representatives worked throughout the summer to add the honorary name of ‘Wildcat Way’ to Meadowbrook Way, which runs in front of the newly rebuilt high school.

Students told city council the change would embrace school and community spirit into city infrastructure and celebrate the completion of the new school,

On Monday, August 26, 2019 by unanimous vote, the Snoqualmie City Council approved the request. The same request was made five years ago and was narrowly rejected by a 4-3 council vote.

Most objections to the honorary naming stemmed from the history of the name Meadowbrook, which was once a town located near the intersection of Park Street and Meadowbrook Way until it became part of the City of Snoqualmie.

To mitigate those concerns, students suggested naming the new baseball/softball fields ‘Meadowbrook Field.’ Students also reached out in person to residents living on Meadowbrook Way to explain their efforts.

The street name will officially remain Meadowbrook – and no addresses will change. Additional ‘Wildcat Way’ signs will be added to the light post at Railroad Ave and Meadowbrook, the stop sign on Park Street and another near the entrance to the new school, possibly in school colors to distinguish it and avoid confusion with the official street name.

The Wildcat Way signs will be paid for by the Class of 2019 and be made by the company that currently makes the city’s street signs. The three signs will cost $1800.

While no exact date was nailed down for sign installation, a city planner said it would happen pretty quickly.

The council vote was met by cheers from students, school and district administrators and community members in attendance.

Sign preferred by students

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  • Congratulations to all those involved in the addition of Wildcat Way being added to street signage! As an oldster from the class of 1953, the pride for the mascot is long standing and deserves the recognition. Thank you to the city for recognizing that.

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