Marijuana Store NOT coming to Mountain Valley Shopping Center in North Bend

It looks like there will not a be a marijuana shop moving into the Mountain Valley Shopping Center in North Bend.

Clifford Gehrett, who owns Issaquah Cannabis, had proposed buying a portion of the Mountain Valley Shopping Center located at 320 SW Mount Si Blvd and opening the marijuana retail store in the space that had formerly housed a state liquor store.

According to City of North Bend Planning Commission meeting agenda, as of June 20th, Mr. Gehrett informed the city that he was unable to reach an agreement with other shopping center owners to permit him to locate thje cannabis shop in the center.

CC&R’s governing Mountain Valley Shopping Center do not allow the distribution and/or retail sale of marijuana. Gehrett requested a modification to the CC&R’s to allow the store, but was declined because the modification would violate existing loan covenants and restrictions in existing leases.

Due to this issue, Gehrett canceled his application with the city to locate the store at Mountain Valley Shopping Center and will continue to search for another retail marijuana outlet location.

Before proposing the Mountain Valley spot, Gehrett had considered opening his new store along North Bend Way near the site of the new city hall.

Retail space that was considered to hold a new marijuana store in North Bend.

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  • Well, that’s too bad. Hopefully he can find a place and there isn’t unnecessary opposition from the city.

  • this area already has a youth drug problem in fact the Issaquah high schoolers call Mt Si MT High
    Legalized Dug dealing IS NOT what the youth here need or any other resident

  • Living Snoqualmie