Man tumbles down Face of Otter Falls, flown into Torguson Park

A seriously injured hiker who fell about 100 feet down the face of Otter Falls on Sunday, April 10, 2016 was airlifted to Torguson Park in North Bend around 9PM.

King County Search and Rescue Public Information volunteer Alan LaBissoniere said the 26-year old man had many serious injuries, including a head injury.

Snohomish County Sno Hawk 10  helicopter was used to hoist the injured man out of the area, but according to LaBissoniere, it ran out of fuel and so landed in North Bend where an ambulance transported the man to Harborview Medical Center.

LaBissoniere said the man seemed to be doing ok when he helped unload him from the helicopter.


Otter Falls
Otter Falls

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  • Hoping some day a large “danger” sign can be put up near Otter Falls. On September 16, 2012 our son and his friend died at Otter Falls from slipping over 100 feet up. The sign could include that deaths and serious injuries have happened from climbing Otter Falls.

    1. Sorry to here about your son and his friend.
      That was my son that fell that down Otter falls April 10
      He is an experience hike. I has hiked Otter fall since he was eight.
      He’s getting better every day after dislocating his shoulder and braking some ribs. His friends were there and pulled him out of the water, stabilized him and went for help. They saved his life. He is very lucky.

      1. Thank you, Doug! I’m very glad to hear that your son is doing better :). If you google Andrew Lusink, there are some articles about his and his friend’s accident. We are so grateful for the hikers who did all they could to save their lives and appreciate the many search and rescue people who were involved.
        Also here’s the link to the hiker’s story of what happened:

        My husband has been up to Otter Falls since it happened and I’m planning to this summer sometime.
        Happy Mother’s Day to your son’s mom 🙂

      2. I fell 300 feet from the top on july 18 2017 broke my knee and split my head had to swim across to my pack wait for help i was not sure was coming which luckily did they helped me hike the 8.3 out and drove me to the emergency room im surprised im still alive

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