Love Snoqualmie Valley Style, a Contest: “How I Met my Other”

I love “how we met” stories. I don’t care if the relationship is long-lasting or was short-lived. Give me a good long-ago tale of how you met your spouse of fifty years or a funny story of how you met that cute person yesterday, and I’m content.

So, with Valentine’s Day coming up, Living Snoqualmie is having a writing contest, “How I Met my Other.” It doesn’t have to be current or terribly romantic, just interesting enough to win. Did the person wine and dine you? Or did you hate each other at first sight? Was it a fix-up? Or a friend who turned into more?

I met my significant other 15 years ago on Match. My roommate and I were in a slightly loopy mood one night, so I logged on, entered my credit card number, and joined.

First, I had to choose a picture for everyone to see, but which one? Not one too good that would be too much to live up to but not too bad, or no one would email you. I showed everyone I knew pictures and asked which one I should use.  I got so many differing opinions I just chose and got, “Oh, you picked that one?” Why? Is it bad, too good? “It’s fine.” I put one up, a slightly idealized version hastily taken selfie but not too idealized. I hoped.

Now I had to construct a profile, so I did some competition reconnaissance. My dating rivals said they were honest, loving, and real. Bucking the trend and was my slightly sarcastic, not too serious, snarky self. No talk of walks on the beach.

I then had to choose the physical attributes I wanted in a man.  Eyes, yes. Hair, some would be nice but not crucial. Height? I’m tall and never really cared if someone were slightly shorter but frequently, they would claim six feet and I’d find myself looking at a bald spot from high above. Weight, whatever. Done.

After sport dating for a month or so, I started talking to a man I nicknamed Harry Potter for his round glasses. He wasn’t inundating me with emails or inappropriate pictures. He readily agreed to the type of date I chose, and he decided the place to meet. I liked his approach.

This was our first contact-

Hello Puppy Gal,

You sound more like a chameleon than a human, and that’s good; I like chameleons. I find your picture attractive, and your profile short and, um, quirky? It’s good; I like it. I hope you like mine as well, and I hope to hear from you. And yes, I do like dogs. My place is a regular hangout for the neighborhood gang of four dogs, Chloe, Zeke, Tough, and Ball.

His message was short, sweet, and to the point. I arrived early for our date, so I didn’t have to do that walk across the room, eyes searching for someone who resembled that fuzzy picture they posted.

I sat facing the door and waited. Finally, there he was, as tall as he claimed and cute! He stopped, said my name and then exclaimed,

“You look nothing like your picture.”

Oh %$#@ what does that mean? Is that good or bad?  I knew I should have chosen a different picture! When I asked, he panicked, “Oh no, it’s good! You’re fine! I mean, you know you’re fine. Oh crap.” His discomfort instantly made me comfortable.

We had coffee, and since all went well, moved on to dinner. He’s genuinely nice, doesn’t stare at my chest, ends the date at a comfortable point, hugs me, and asks me out again. I went on one more match date, but Harry Potter functionally ended my online dating experience forever.

I knew for sure he was the one when after the December 2006 windstorm, he drove from North Bend to Issaquah to tell me a silly made-up joke, “What do you call an elf who lives in the city?” A metro gnome!

He convinced me after living in Bellevue my whole life that North Bend wasn’t another planet. He has shown me things and places I’d never seen before in my somewhat sheltered life. After 15 years, I can say I’m glad I found North Bend and him.

Zee Eiffel Tower with Harry Potter (aka Mark)

So, what’s in it for you? Why would you share a story so personal, so near and dear? To proclaim your undying love to your sweet, sweet honey. Nah, prizes, of course, and we have TWO! First place will have the first choice and the runner up will get the other, equally as a wonderful, prize.

So, what are they you ask?

We have a $100 gift card from Infusion Bar & Grill! Located at 7725 Center Blvd. SE on Snoqualmie Ridge, Infusion is an American grill featuring a fresh and hand-selected menu, which is sure to keep you coming back for more. Their relaxed atmosphere and upscale decor make them a perfect choice for a casual date, girls’ get-together, or family dinner. Dine out (or have breakfast on Saturdays & Sundays) on their covered heated patio or order your meals & cocktails to-go and GOOD NEWS, they will be opening their Indoor Dining to 25% capacity on Monday, 2/1, in addition to their outdoor patio dining.

Not a big foodie? If you win, you can choose a $150 gift card from Erika Laureano Design. Located at 107 Main Ave N in Downtown North Bend, Erika Laureano creates unique, one of a kind, organic, sophisticated jewelry designs right here in the Valley! She uses various methods and techniques, adding color and texture to brass, silver and gold. You will find her latest jewelry designs and large mixed media oil paintings Wednesday-Saturday 11 am-5 pm and Sunday Noon-4pm or online 24/7. A perfect place to shop for your “Other” and support local this Valentine’s Day. Card good for existing jewelry only.

  1. The contest is open to Living Snoqualmie readers.
  2. Work published previously in any copyrighted newspaper, magazine, book, or other medium is ineligible. Entries must be original.
  3. Contestants may enter one story of up to 600 words.
  4. Entries should be entered by email at no later than 5:00 p.m., Friday, February 5, 2021. Only entries in digital format will be accepted.
  5. No submissions will be returned.
  6. Five semi-finalists will be chosen by judges from Living Snoqualmie, Infusion Bar & Grill, and Erika Laureano Designs. Their peers will judge the finalists on the Living Snoqualmie Facebook Page February 7-12 at 10 pm. Judging and winner notification will be completed no later than February 13th, followed by an announcement in Living Snoqualmie.
  7. The author retains the copyright to the submitted work and agrees to publication in Living Snoqualmie and its social media platforms. Semi-finalists and finalists will be asked to provide a photo to appear with their entries.
  8. The decisions of the judges are final. Submission indicates acceptance of all contest rules.
  9. Winners must be available to pick up their prize from our sponsor’s business establishments.

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  • Mike and I met on a blind date. Inwas divorced after 26 years and living in Ca. Mike was living in No. Bend, Wa and his wife had passed from cancer four years prior. A friend of mine in Wa. Met me in Ca. And said she had someone for me to meet. I flew up to No. Bend met Mike and three dates later he asked me to move in. That was in 1997 we are now married and still living in sane house he built. Most awesome man i have ever met. He treats me sooooo well. He is 83 and i am 77.

  • I may be too late but I wanted to share my story anyway, I met my husband when we were having a women’s football game for the benefit of a Little League football. He was the coach and I was a player! After that we dated for about a year and married 45 years ago! That’s my funny crazy story!💙🌍

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