Love it or Hate it, Hampton Inn Hotel becoming reality along Snoqualmie Parkway, open by early 2019

Nearly two years after it first became known that a hotel might be going in on Snoqualmie Ridge, framing is almost complete, giving residents a pretty clear idea of the hotel’s height and proximity to Snoqualmie Parkway.

Opinions about the hotel range from eyesore – to stop all the development – to cautious optimism – to excitement over having a nearby hotel when the in-laws come to visit – to wishing it just didn’t sit so close to the Parkway.

The project has been controversial since building standards were amended so the project could move forward – and because due to a computer error, not all residents living within 500 ft. were notified by mail about the possible project. This also forced the mayor to hold a private meeting with homeowners of the nearby condominium complex last year in an attempt to mend fences.

Early last year the city council approved a building set back amendment, allowing the hotel to be within 15 feet of the property line vs. 50 feet. The developer asked for the amendment due to a large PSE power line easement that restricts buildable area to the northeast portion of the property.

To compensate, the city stated it would require increased design standards on the building’s rear which fronts Snoqualmie Parkway. The rear will have a modulated design that is is most often required for the front of buildings. The city is also requiring new Parkway trees to help with screening.

An amendment was also approved allowing part of the hotel to be 5-stories. Previously the maximum was 4-stories. The 60-foot maximum building height code was not amended, though, as the 5th story of the hotel will essentially be a daylight basement, which keeps the structure within the allowable 60 ft. height limit.

For those who missed previous articles on the development, the hotel will be a Hilton Hampton Inn and have 99 rooms. The east end of the building near Fairway Ave, where the property slopes, will have 5-stories. This where the indoor pool is predicted to be located. The rest of the hotel is 4-stories and approximately 45 feet high.

Next to the hotel – at the corner of Center and Snoqualmie Parkway – will be a two-story mixed use retail/office building, which has not been framed yet.

A new turn-in/ access road to the development will be added about half way between Center St. and Fairway. This also has not been constructed yet. It will incorporate a circular design, complete with a waterfall.

The hotel is estimated to open in fall 2018 or early in 2019.  It will have an indoor pool; meeting space, a restaurant and one or more retail spaces on the main floor; 178 parking spots; and an outdoor ‘pedestrian plaza.’

The city says the hotel will have a positive impact, including bringing a much-needed mid-range hotel to the city which draws millions of tourists each year visiting Snoqualmie Falls. Currently the only hotel in Snoqualmie is the Salish Lodge and Spa. In North Bend, there are small motels and one small inn located in Fall City. [North Bend is also in the process of adding a mid-range hotel near the outlet mall.]

The city hopes hotel patrons will bring new business to the nearby retail area and increase its tax base, which is currently heavily dependent on residential property taxes.

It’s going to be a while before the facade of the building is finished, but for those who are curious, below are some of the conceptual renderings for the project, along with construction photos. *Click photos to enlarge.*

For more info on the City of Snoqualmie  Hotel Project page.


Hampton Inn under construction along Snoqualmie Parkway


Panorama of hotel and retail/office building development on Snoqualmie Parkway


Conceptual rendering of the hotel/retail development as seen from Snoqualmie Parkway. Hotel is on the left and retail building on the right


Hotel building heights from conceptual rendering done by developer.


East end of hotel looking west. Conceptual rendering by developer.


Retail building and hotel looking west to east. Conceptual rendering by developer.


Conceptual rendering of entrance to hotel/retail complex on Snoqualmie Parkway.


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  • Yuck. Can hardly see Mt. Si from the parkway. Throw in a hardware store at the IGA and we can brand the Ridge as a “cozy Tukwila.”

    1. Friendly reminder, you couldn’t see Mt. Si from the Parkway before they clear cut the trees.

      1. Doesn’t make a big hotel a nice thing to look at. Which was the question asked in the article.

        1. That’s a matter of opinion. (Which was the topic of the article.) While it might be an eyesore now, there are many people excited to see the final product. I’ve lived here for 20 years and am happy to see progress. The only thing I am really growing sick of, is the constant negativity by a small (but loud) minority who are clearly just angry at the world. Be happy. Be positive. Be grateful. We live in a beautiful community in an incredible part of the country. Have some perspective.

          1. So people who don’t like the hotel disagree with all development, are angry at the world, lack perspective and are unhappy? That’s about as fair a putting a hotel in place that violates city ordinance. Rules were broken to put that hotel where it is. It’s unfortunate and ugly in my opinion. Those rules help keep Snoqualmie unique. I hope Larson and the other officials do a better job following our rules moving forward so that we remain a special place.

  • Too high and too close to the Parkway. The ideal spot would have been next to the hospital. But… said it all before and apparently, based on votes, this town wants to become the next Issaquah Highlands (shudder).

  • Better put A Lot of trees to cover up that eye sore, not to mention the extra traffic a hotel will bring to an already busy area

  • Looks like it’s taking shape, Looking forward to the finished product. I think overall the hotel will be a good thing. Heard the retail bldg. will have an independent coffee shop (not another Starbucks), has anyone heard what else is going in there? Spoke with one of the managers at the hotel, she is from the area, seemed very nice and looks forward to becoming active in the community.

    1. Was told last week the developer/owner has plans to put in a family-run restaurant and use the 2nd-floor space for his offices, but the city said until occupancy happens they won’t know for sure.

  • Living Snoqualmie