Updated: Loch Katrine Fire: No Threat to the Snoqualmie Valley

Update Sunday, October 16th, 4:20 pm: According to the Washington State DNR Wildfire Twitter account, The Loch Katrine Fire on private land and the Mt. Baker-Snoqualmie National Forest 30 miles east of Seattle has burned about 2,000 acres at the last estimate Sunday afternoon.

Aviation resources are being used where they can be effective. A Type 2 Incident Management Team will assume command on Monday.



Much concern has been expressed lately on social media about the visibility of the Loch Katrine Fire from areas of the Snoqualmie Valley.

According to the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), this fire is North of Snoqualmie. It is inside the West boundary of the Alpine Lakes Wilderness and is approximately 250 acres in heavy old-growth timber.  

In an update this morning from Snoqualmie Fire Department and Emergency Management, it was noted this fire is being managed by the Mt. Baker-Snoqualmie National Forest – US Forest Service with air and ground resources.

The department said, “Due to high temperatures, low relative humidity, and strong east winds, fire activity has picked up on this fire that was first reported in early September. This will continue over the next several days and will make the fire increasingly visible.”

Even though a glow can be seen from certain parts of the valley at night, there is no threat to the Snoqualmie Valley. However, with shifting winds, there is an increased probability of smoke being pushed into the area, making air quality unhealthy for sensitive groups.

The Fire Department would like to remind everyone there is a complete and total burn ban in place from the King County Fire Marshal with no anticipated date for release.

Loch Katrine Fire from Harmon Heights Photo credit: Brenda Chouinard

In an update dated 10/15/22, the Northwest Interagency Coordination Center (NWCC), noted the fire was first reported on September 2nd, is of unknown cause and is approximately 1% contained.

Forest Road 57 and the Sunday Lake Trail #1000 have been closed for public safety concerns near the fire area.  

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  • It is amazing to read that the Loch Katrine fire is 1% contained, has been burning since Sep 2, burned 2000 acres and those living in the Snoqualmie Valley should not be concerned. Sounds to me like those fighting this fire are not concerned. I saw huge flames off the left of Mt Si around 2pm today. Forecasted rain will be no match for this forest fire. The plan to let fires ‘burn out’ may have worked over a 100 years ago, but we need action from our leaders now so there will be no need to panic.

  • Mother Nature is unpredictable. It is irresponsible to say it is of no concern. Why should old growth forest and animal life be decimated if something can be done. Who is to say which way the wind will blow. It may change direction and by then the fire will be too big to fight. We will all have cancer from the level of smoke. This is ridiculous.

  • Living Snoqualmie