Local Photographer, Tammy Davison, Breathes New Life into Empty Snoqualmie Storefront

A long time ago, in a fast developing town, during the boom time of local real estate,  there once was a kitchen and gift store on Snoqualmie Ridge – in the spot between Ana’s and the new physical therapist.  But the boom ended, as did the kitchen store.

The store’s name escapes my memory now – it’s been so long.  The space has been sitting empty (like to the tune of three years) longer than it was ever a functioning business.  That is, until now.

bellaphoto2-2-18-13Local photographer, Tammy Davison, is taking her business out of her home and into the 700 square foot Center Blvd space.  She’s painted, added some furniture and transformed most of the back portion of the space into a professional photography studio. She’s made it hers, a space that caters to her longtime clients – kids and families – and she’s done a great job.

When I stopped in last week, I couldn’t stop complementing Tammy on how great the studio looked.  It feels comfortable, kind of like home, relaxing, yet still a real studio. Tammy, with a background in art and design, made all the choices for the space herself.

When you walk in you are greeted by a “wall of seniors.”  A bright blue wall is the backdrop for rows of local students captured during theirbellaphotg1-2:18:13 right of passage; their senior portraits, framed by large simple, white mattes.

I’ve seen Tammy’s photos since my 11-year-old was a newborn and her baby portraits lined the walls of my Issaquah pediatrician’s office.  I always remembered her company’s name – Bella Photography.

Bella is Tammy’s oldest child. The company was named for her and Bella’s iconic baby face is still the trademark of the local company – even now as the then toddler approaches high school.

Tammy started her business in 2000, but said before then she knew she had a good eye when it came to taking pictures.  Tammy said she would show her pictures to friends who would encourage her, commenting how good the photos were.

So she decided to give professional photography a try.  Now, thirteen years later when asked about taking pictures for a living, Tammy says she absolutely loves what she does, calling it her passion.

Over the years, in addition to starting and growing her photography business, Tammy (after Bella) added four more children to the family and was able to incorporate the business right into her life – moving it into her home’s basement and giving her the flexibility to be a stay-at-home and working mom.

A new marriage led Tammy from Sammamish to Snoqualmie a couple of years ago.  She says she loves it here, but her new home lacks the separated basement she once had.  Add to that a husband who also works from home, five active children and an additional four step-children on certain days,  and it was time for the longtime and expanding business to find its own home.

Tammy Davison Bella Photography found that new location at 7713 Center Blvd SE; one close enough to family life to allow Tammy the flexibility to run between the business and home within minutes.

The studio is officially opening around March 1st.  Operating hours will be based on appointments, which can be scheduled now.  You can find all of Tammy’s pricing, info, portfolios, as well as scheduling, on Bella Photography’s website.  Oh, and outdoor Snoqualmie photo sessions (very popular says Tammy) carry the same sitting fee as inside the studio.

Good luck, Tammy.  Love what you’ve done with the place…





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  • The photos that Tammy has taken of my children over the years are now treasured keepsakes. She has a knack for capturing their personalities in a very creative and wonderful way.

  • Tammy is a photographer who has talent, a keen eye, a sweet heart and a good listening ear – what more could you ask for when hiring someone to capture your precious keepsake photos?

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