Living Snoqualmie – The First Year In Review

Amazing how fast a year passes.  It seems like it was just July 2010 and I  started my blog – and was struggling for topics.  It’s been a lazy writing summer.  Normal “mom” excuses.  Mainly 4 kids home which adds a new dimension to finding writing time.  So I figured it was time to type again – but was struggling with a topic.  Then I opened my Facebook page and viewed some beautiful photos.  Photos that reminded me of what a year it’s been around this valley.

This blog started as a simple attempt to keep up with Snoqualmie happenings.  Things happened, though, which lead my writing to a more personal place at times.  Here’s some of the places this blog took me over the past year.  And possibly the lessons I learned along the way.  It was a journey I hope a few of you joined me on….

I learned that in coaching you can learn just as much from losing.  Injuries happen.  Players struggle.  You work hard and still end up losing.  Yet we had fun and kept trying – and finally won a couple games.  Good luck to my Shooting Stars as they embark on their high school years!

I learned too much about grief and loss.  I watched (and still watch) my daughter and her friends find a new normal after the death of a good friend.   I learned about faith from Grandma Joan.  I now know that faith is what keeps us going while struggling to understand the most impossible, unfair circumstances.

I learned the hard way that every vote counts as a Snoqualmie school bond failed by one unfortunate vote.  I also learned that if an impassioned community tells a school board they don’t like a proposed solution, they may find with a new one.  Sometimes that new solution falls short of what seems to be the ultimate best one.  I guess that what a compromise is – middle ground.

I learned starting over at a new school is really hard for a 9-year-old – AND her mother.  I still miss my community comfort zone.  It’s hard getting shipped out of your city for elementary school.  Starting over isn’t easy – no matter what the reasons.  Hopefully the second year of living in Snoqualmie and going to school in North Bend gets easier.

I already knew, but learned even more about our crazy weather.  Trees blew down, snow kept going even when weather forecasters called for 2 inches, the river rose again, the rainy season stretched into summer and FINALLY summer started just a couple of weeks ago.  And here we are, only two weeks from the beginning of a new school year and the start of fall sports.

I learned how many great people live all over this valley.  Sometimes we don’t agree.  Sometimes things change – whether it’s easy or hard.  I learned to appreciate people’s passion – even when on opposite sides of issues.  One thing most of us agree on, though, is that we love the Snoqualmie Valley.

I was privileged to make new friends because writing.  Thanks to all of you who allowed me to write about your businesses, struggles, schools, teams, groups, causes, passions and accomplishments.   It’s been a joy.   I learned a lot and hope I am better for it.  Here’s hoping for a great sophomore blogging year!

Keep the topic ideas coming and enjoy the beautiful sunshine.  We deserve it!


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