Line ’em up: Pacific storms roll through Western Washington over the next week

[Article by contributing weather writer Ryan Porter, owner of Snoqualmie Weather blog.]

Right on schedule for this time of year.  

As is often said, October comes in like a lamb, goes out like a lion.

Yesterday (October15th) marked the last day for the next six months the average high temperature exceeds 60°. This is based on 75 years of weather data taken at Snoqualmie Falls (Western Regional Climate Center).

Here are the seasonal breakpoints:

Even though wind advisories are not currently issued for the East Puget Sound Foothills this week, I am watching one higher resolution model (ECMWF or Euro) that shows gusty southerly winds out here peaking in the 40-50 mph range for Thursday evening, and again during the day on Saturday, as well as potentially Monday morning.  

With a lot of leaves still on trees it wouldn’t take super strong winds to snap branches and potentially make a mess of an otherwise just soggy situation.

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Happy Fall, Snoqualmie Valley!

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