LETTER | Vote YES to Give Valley Children the Education they Deserve

It’s simple. Every child in the Snoqualmie Valley is worthy of the opportunity to learn in an uncrowded classroom. By voting YES on Initiative 1351, you will be providing our valley’s children with the kind of education they deserve.

Here’s why:

  • Washington ranks 47th out of 50 states in class size. 1351 moves us to the middle.

  • It makes common sense – lower class sizes make it easier for students to get the attention they need to succeed in school.

  • Small class sizes, which foster better connections between teachers and students, are the basic building blocks for academic success.

  • The initiative also increases the number of caring adults who help kids succeed in school every day. Teaching assistants, librarians, school counselors, and nurses are part of 1351.

As Snoqualmie Valley educators, we want the best for our students and ask you to vote YES on Initiative 1351 for smaller class sizes.


Linda Anderson, 4th Grade Teacher, North Bend Elementary

Nathan Barnes, 4th Grade Teacher, Snoqualmie Elementary

Marianne Bradburn, 3rd Grade Teacher, Opstad Elementary

Julie Daniels, 3rd Grade Teacher, Cascade View Elementary

Joyce DeLurme, 2nd Grade Teacher, Cascade View Elementary

Jennifer Engdahl, 5th Grade Teacher, Opstad Elementary

Ann Heideman, Art Teacher, Mount Si High School

Anne Melgaard, 3rd Grade Teacher, North Bend Elementary

Lisa Radmer, Librarian, North Bend Elementary

Teri Raja, 1st Grade Teacher, Snoqualmie Elementary

Jack Webber, Math Teacher, Two Rivers School

Nate Ziemkowski, 2nd Grade Teacher, Snoqualmie Elementary


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  • the rich ..(ie the ppl with power) dont want your kids competing against their private school kids

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