Letter | Sundwall genuinely wants to make a difference

Dear Editor,

I first met Sean Sundwall when he and his wife Mara bought our home in Snoqualmie Ridge in 2005.  We only knew the family casually through the school and neighborhood until I had the opportunity to work for Sean at his local business.  It was such a lucky chance for me to get to know Sean well, and he has come to be one of the best people I know.

Sean is very committed to the Snoqualmie Valley and plans to continue build his future – and hopefully those of his children – here.  An avid runner, he started Run Snoqualmie in 2005 as a way to bring running events to the Valley.  He also started his insurance practice in downtown Snoqualmie to keep his business local and build something that could become a family business as his children graduate college.  

Sean cares about our community and has always been involved, even prior to stepping into his current City Council position in April 2017.  I have always appreciated how active he is on the local neighborhood Facebook pages. He has great insights, and is never disrespectful in his opinions. That is one of the things I really like about Sean and his wife Mara – they have some of the highest moral standards of anyone I know – yet I have never known them to be judgmental about anyone or anything.

Sean is connected to many of our youth in the Valley as a Mount Si High School coach for both Track and Cross Country.  He genuinely wants to make a difference in the lives of as many kids as he can.  I am sure the kids welcome his humor.  To look at Sean you might think he is quite serious  – but is has a dry humor that catches you off guard, and is truly funny.

You will not regret voting for Sean Sundwall for City Council.  He is in the Valley for the long haul and will definitely put the best needs of the community in all he does.

Amy George
16 Year Resident of Snoqualmie

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  • Sean is an asset to Snoqualmie. He listens intently to material presented to the Council, digests the information and then asks relevant questions.
    He also has a great sense of humor!

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