Letter | Snoqualmie Valley at a crossroads, Melissa Johnson will lead district in right direction

Dear Editor,

Although 2017 is not a presidential year, there are still critical elections that will shape the future of our region. School board is one of those elections, and for Snoqualmie Valley School Board I support Melissa Johnson.

Melissa will make an outstanding addition to the School Board. She is passionate about student success and has committed to prioritizing students’ needs.  Snoqualmie Valley is at a crossroads, with many opportunities but many challenges. I believe Melissa has what it takes to lead the district in the right direction, and I am confident that she will be a relentless advocate for the students of Snoqualmie Valley.

Melissa has strong business experience, which she will use to improve student performance and provide teachers and staff with crucial support, all while keeping the district fiscally responsible.  That background will be even more important with the new state education funding. I am confident that she has an excellent grasp of this new education funding model and the impact that it will have on the district.  Melissa knows the issues, and knows how to address them while creating an encouraging, supportive culture for Snoqualmie schools.

These elections are important. Make sure to turn in your ballot on or before November 7. And when you do, please cast your vote for Melissa Johnson.


Paul Graves,

State house of representatives, 5th District

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    1. Thanks so much! We are going on a sign recovery mission today to replace and find the many that have either disappeared or been blown down by the storm:)

  • I’ve compared the two candidates for this position, and what I find is that Melissa aspires to become involved in her community and in schools, while Tavish MacLean has a documented history of giving back to the valley and of driving positive change in our schools, as the incumbent for this position. I’m sure Melissa is a good person, but I’m finding Tavish is a person of proven accomplishment. School graduation rates and student performance in language arts and math have increased substantially during his tenure, for example. Neither candidate alone can drive success in the district, obviously; it takes a team to do so. Tavish has a history of volunteerism and working within teams to accomplish great things. Melissa may be a good person, but she’s not a great candidate.

  • I have also compared the two candidates for this position and attended many school board meetings in the last two years which is why I agree with Rep Graves that we have significant opportunities to address in our district in the coming years. In looking at the actual data from OSPI, the significant improvement in graduation rates referenced by Lyn occurred before Tavish took office. Additionally, our SBA scores have collectively decreased since he was in office. Melissa’s leadership, education and passion are needed on our board. She has proven success in her 22-years with Weyerhaueser and the specific skill set we need to enhance our board including opportunity identification, strategy development and the ability and tenacity to turn strategy into actionable tasks that lead to successful implementation. She has led cross functional teams knowing the importance of building relationships and consensus throughout her career. As a 15-year community member, Melissa is involved in the Snoqualmie Valley Food Bank and volunteering at her two sons’ schools. After being recruited to run for the school board, Melissa took the time to seriously consider it and why. The why is what will make her a “great” school board director. She is passionate about making a difference for every kid in the Valley!

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