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[Article by Chad Magendanz- Issaquah, WA. Views expressed are those of the author, not the Living Snoqualmie website. You may submit letters of support for your candidate to info@livingsnoqualmie.com]

You may remember that I challenged Mark Mullet in 2016 for the 5th LD senate seat and ended up with 49.7% of the vote.  Mark and I share much common ground as moderates, and contrast pieces were difficult in a race between a socially-progressive Republican and fiscally conservative Democrat who both earned Outstanding ratings from the Municipal League.  However, the balance of power in the Senate was at stake, and I decided that maintaining a bipartisan legislature was important enough to take one for the team, rather than play it safely running for reelection to the House.

To my surprise, even after the election, Mark continued to collaborate with me on legislation, and we testified together to oppose efforts to turn the McCleary levy swap into a levy hike.  He’s consistently opposed capital gains and income taxes, as I would have done, and he’s been a voice of moderation and reason inside the Democratic caucus room…something I could never have been.  He’s stuck to his principles in the face of fierce partisan pressure from the extreme left, which has taken considerable political courage

He’s earned my endorsement for a third term.

Jay Inslee announced that he’d be endorsing Mark’s opponent, joining the new party leadership that’s spending obscene sums to unseat one of their most respected and accomplished elected officials.  Now chair of the powerful Financial Institutions, Economic Development & Trade Committee, Sen. Mark Mullet has attracted attention by consistently refusing to rubber-stamp their tax agenda.  Despite his Outstanding Muni League rating and consistent Seattle Times endorsements, they’ve decided to take him out this year because he’s dared to represent the best interests of our district.  Their party is driving out its independent thinkers in the same way that BLM mobs are screaming down people in the streets who refuse to raise their fists in the universal symbol for the Marxist revolution.

Look, if anyone has earned the right to hold a grudge against Mark Mullet, it’s probably me.  At this point, though, I’m much more concerned that if he loses this reelection that Olympia will soon be adopting new income taxes that we’ll likely never be able to roll back.  While Mark and I may still disagree on some policy issues, we share much more common ground than I do with his opponent, who was primarily selected for how she would vote on new taxes.  Mark has served with integrity, independence, and a dedicated work ethic.  He’s a local businessman who knows firsthand how devastating this COVID recession is going to be too small businesses and their employees, and he’s consistently been willing to stand up to political bullies to ensure no further damage is done.  He deserves your vote.

Chad Madendanz, Closing the Skills Gap

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  • Nope. The second you said “BLM mobs” you made your stance clear, and you lost me. The whole “Marxist revolution” bit didn’t help your case.

  • Yep. The second you said “BLM mobs” you made your stance clear, and you gained me. The whole “Marxist revolution” bit did help your case.

  • Well, he had me back when his campaign strategy was to remind voters of ice cream. Mmmmagendanz.
    If you don’t stand for something, you’ll fall for anything…

  • Don’t let Mark fool 5th district voters any longer: he is a Democrat in name only. His voting record speaks for itself with votes against laws that promote equal pay and proposed amendments to hamstring teachers unions. There’s a reason corporate PACs are pushing for him over Ingrid. Get him out!

  • Magendanz pretends to be a “socially conscious” Republican the same way Mullet pretends to be a Democrat. They are both liars and middle aged white men who love the status quo.

    Ironic that Magendanz chooses now to bring up “capitol gains tax” as a talking point, considering we just found out our billionaire President has paid $750 or $0 in taxes the past 15 years. The 1%(or the 5%, or the 10%) don’t pay their fair share, and haven’t since the 1940s.

    1. Right, but he OVERPAID (deferrals) years before, as is common for many business people to do. I wish people would educate themselves on how business taxed work in this country before spouting this nonsense about the dollar amount.

      1. No, you are the one who needs educating on taxes. You don’t understand what a deferral is. A deferral is not paying taxes in advance (or overpaying) as you claim. A tax deferral is when you don’t immediately pay taxes on earnings, but you wait until later, usually so you can pay when you are in a lower tax bracket later on, like after you retire. What Trump did and continues to do is to pour cash into money-losing ventures so he can leverage those ventures for his personal use and image-building enterprise but still claim the losses and avoid paying taxes on what he has earned, continue to rack up more debt and then default on it, bilking investors.

        1. Ha ha, I knew after I posted that someone would jump on using the word deferrals.
          And yet, what he did still isn’t illegal. Cry about it more while Trump adds another justice to the bench and then gets 4 more years!

  • This is tough as we have two Democrats fighting for the same seat – way of future elections??? Having said that, the idea of in fighting within the Democratic Party is not desirable to me – the party should be united. Mullet has shown he can lead – Highway 18 and School McCleary Legislation and then the School District going forward later for excessive levies for examples. Mullet was always out front on these issues and even took the heat on the School District Levies when he saw what the Districts were going to do after gaining a windfall in new tax monies. ALL of our property taxes went up and I personally felt the Districts were greedy with a maximum levy instead of a lower amount and Mullet stepped up to the plate on the issue. Maybe that is why the Teachers/Education Association is backing the other candidate. I saw more teacher association money backing her than nurse association money (she is a nurse). The second issue is the governor is upset as Mullet agreed that a Special Session called by the Republicans during the Covid needed to happen. Now the governor is running for re-election and this is upsetting him as one of his own party has crossed him on an issue – which during an election year is a very big issue. So, the governor (why did the governor appear on a ZOOM meeting with the challenger and against Mullet?) and teachers unions came together and stand united to out a fellow incumbent Democrat. The real failure is the governor and Mullet did not work this out and now the party is fighting within. Other than the above – I knew nothing about this nurse challenger – zero – never heard of her – never heard of her being involved in city, county or state issues. As a Democrat and one who has been elected twice in nonpartisan city politics – this race smells – someone/some group is attempting to get something. Figure the issue out and stop listening to the spin OR where’s the beef?

  • Yes. Anyone Larson endorses is a no. We have untested fire hydrants. And an overfunded, unchecked PD. Where is $5 million going with so few officers? So top heavy, they are falling over.

  • Time for real change. Everywhere. A woman, nurse, mother of one child who has lived in this district her whole life. Not more of the same. Ex employee of the second worst bank in the country. Taking advantage of the system. Women are naturally more empathetic, compassionate and that cannot be a bad approach right now.. and just because you haven’t heard of her doesn’t mean she hasn’t been working hard for her community. Vote For Real Change!!

  • That “BLM mobs” mischaracterization disgusts me. Did Mullet get a say in this endorsement…? Vote Ingrid Anderson for real change.

    1. If it disgusts you, it means you can’t handle the truth. It’s not a mis-characterization that the BLM movement is marxist, and yes they have a mob mentality. Give us what we want (whether deserved or not) or else. You can keep your “real change”.

  • I usually check to see who is funding the campaigns. It is a pretty good indicator – follow the money. Here are links to both.


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