Letter | Fuzzy can wisely navigate rapid growth while recognizing citizen voice matters

Dear Editor,

I am writing to express my support of Fuzzy Fletcher for mayor of Snoqualmie.

I don’t want Snoqualmie to become another overcrowded, overdeveloped city on Seattle’s Eastside. We cannot stop growth and development; however, Fuzzy Fletcher will be a mayor who will listen and thoughtfully consider the opinions of the city’s residents.

I researched mayoral candidates and my support of Fuzzy is partially rooted in an event that occurred during his previous tenure as mayor.

During his term, the real estate development company Puget Western owned and asked for approval to develop the land behind Snoqualmie Falls, a project known as Falls Crossing. Fuzzy put off a decision while trying to find an alternative. He insisted there must be a better way to appease the developer without developing the land behind the falls.

Through a lot of effort and negotiation between the City of Snoqualmie, King County, Weyerhaeuser, Puget Western, the Snoqualmie Tribe, and the Cascade Land Conservancy, the 145 acres directly adjacent to Snoqualmie Falls that Puget Western wanted to develop are permanently protected from development.

The deal was complicated and required concessions on the part of Snoqualmie and King County. The most noticeable concession in Snoqualmie is the neighborhood across from the fire station. That neighborhood was allowed to be built sooner and at a higher density than originally planned. The street leading into that neighborhood is intentionally named Better Way. Fuzzy Fletcher worked with a lot of people to find a better way for development to happen while preserving the beauty of the view of the falls. I believe he can lead this city into further smart development.

In addition to his views on development, I support Fuzzy because I find him to be sincere and forthright and a man of integrity. While writing this letter I texted him a question to ask if a particular statement I had written was accurate. While he did answer my question, part of his response was “it is your letter and I don’t want to put words in your mouth”.

Recently, he said to me, “If you walk into a room thinking you know everything you probably don’t. I don’t know everything but I know where to look and who to ask to find the answers.”

Fuzzy didn’t know what the better way was when Falls Crossing was proposed, but through including others, perseverance, and learning about new things, he was able to find a solution. Fuzzy can help Snoqualmie wisely navigate this period of rapid growth while recognizing that our voices matter.

Please cast your vote for Fuzzy Fletcher.


Sandy Rosetti, Snoqualmie

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  • I cannot believe retreating from progress is the way
    to go! It is 2017. Snoqualmie has grown. Snoqualmie
    has prospered. We need forward-thinking, progressive,
    and educated governance in Snoqualmie to lead the
    way! Not someone who thinks moving backward is
    moving forward!

  • I whole heartedly support your endorsement. When I first moved to Snoqualmie in 2002, Fuzzy was the mayor. He brought a balanced, considered and progressive viewpoint to solving problems in the city in a inclusive and respectful manner. He was a great mayor then and Snoqualmie badly needs his style now to maintain the charm that is Snoqualmie.

  • Living Snoqualmie