Letter | For a Safer Community Elect Ingrid Anderson

[Letter by Roger Ledbetter- Snoqualmie, WA. Views expressed are those of the author, not the Living Snoqualmie website. You may submit letters of support for your candidate to info@livingsnoqualmie.com]

Ingrid Anderson is one of our own and is running for State Senator to represent the 5th LD. Growing up in the Snoqualmie Valley, Ingrid Anderson is raising her family in the community and valley she loves.

Anderson has been serving our community for years as a nurse. Beginning in the emergency room, Anderson has gravitated toward psychiatric nursing and is close to finishing her master’s degree to become a psychiatric mental health nurse practitioner.   

In 2019, Anderson played an important role in the passage of a bill, which would help protect healthcare workers and improve patient care. Unfortunately, she did not find our incumbent Senator supportive. When she realized the incumbent had a pattern of not supporting working families and environmental issues, she decided to run against him.

As a nurse, Anderson will bring a unique and much-needed perspective to our State Senate. Her inside knowledge of the healthcare system will be very valuable, especially during a pandemic. Mental health expertise is lacking in Olympia, and Anderson’s knowledge will be an extremely valuable addition.   

Anderson’s healthcare experience is just frosting on the cake. She is the one I trust to make common sense, practical decisions about public education, the environment, working families, and our horribly regressive tax system.  

I’m not alone. Ingrid Anderson has been endorsed by Governor Jay Inslee, the Sierra Club, the Environmental and Climate Caucus, Washington State Nurses Association, American Federation of Teachers, Bellevue Firefighters, National Alliance on Mental Illness, Washington State Conservation Voters, and too many more to list.

For a safer community, please cast your vote for Ingrid Anderson.

Roger Ledbetter, Snoqualmie

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  • This is tough as we have two Democrats fighting for the same seat – way of future elections??? Having said that, the idea of in fighting within the Democratic Party is not desirable to me – the party should be united. Mullet has shown he can lead – Highway 18 and School McCleary Legislation and then the School District going forward later for excessive levies for examples. Mullet was always out front on these issues and even took the heat on the School District Levies when he saw what the Districts were going to do after gaining a windfall in new tax monies. ALL of our property taxes went up and I personally felt the Districts were greedy with a maximum levy instead of a lower amount and Mullet stepped up to the plate on the issue. Maybe that is why the Teachers/Education Association is backing the other candidate. I saw more teacher association money backing her than nurse association money (she is a nurse). The second issue is the governor is upset as Mullet agreed that a Special Session called by the Republicans during the Covid needed to happen. Now the governor is running for re-election and this is upsetting him as one of his own party has crossed him on an issue – which during an election year is a very big issue. So, the governor (why did the governor appear on a ZOOM meeting with the challenger and against Mullet?) and teachers unions came together and stand united to out a fellow incumbent Democrat. The real failure is the governor and Mullet did not work this out and now the party is fighting within. Other than the above – I knew nothing about this nurse challenger – zero – never heard of her – never heard of her being involved in city, county or state issues. As a Democrat and one who has been elected twice in nonpartisan city politics – this race smells – someone/some group is attempting to get something. Figure the issue out and stop listening to the spin OR where’s the beef?

  • Yes! It’s time that we got more people into the legislature who will support more progressive taxes! Maybe we’ll even get that state income tax we’ve been hoping for!!!
    With her nursing background, I’m hoping that Ingrid will continue to support lockdowns through 2021. There are waaaaaay too many sick people in this area to risk opening things back up.

  • It’s great to have an election where we can choose from two good choices. I don’t have any issue with there being options. Both candidates have enough support in the community to advance to the final election. I have my ideas of whom I’m voting for, but I won’t feel like I got wronged if my candidate doesn’t win.

  • Ingrid Anderson may technically be running against an incumbent Democrat, but she’s the only real Democrat on the ticket as far as I’m concerned. She’s led a grassroots campaign with the utmost of integrity, and her platform promises real and viable change. Vote Ingrid!

  • Impressed with the number of groups (Nurses, Educators, Fire Fighters, Grocery store workers, …….) supporting Ingrid and the number of volunteers. Truly a grassroots campaign. I think having a few less politicians and a few more working people (especially in the medical profession) in the legislature will be a big help as we have some tough decisions to make during this covid and post-Covid period. Fully support Ingrid

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