Let the Heatmageddon Wave Begin!

[Guest Post by North Bend resident Mark Davis]

Saturday is the start of the major heatwave to hit our area. Saturdays high will be in the low 100’s with a “Heat Index” of around 108°.

The Heat Index definition indicates the level of discomfort the average person is thought to experience due to the combined effects of the temperature and the humidity.

Sundays high looks to be around 109°. Both Saturday and Sunday will have light winds, 10 to 15mph.

Monday is the hottest day of them all. As of tonight, the high for Monday looks to be around 112°. Remember we are still not counting today, 2 days out from Monday, and things can still change. But at this point, most of the top models agree with that temperature for Monday. Our east winds could also kick up on Monday afternoon with 25 to 30mph gusts. That’s really dangerous with this type of heat. Things will be very dry, and if a fire does start, it will spread very fast.

The low temps Saturday through Monday will only go down to low to mid 70’s. Cooling your house down without AC will be tough during those days. In the evening, when the inside and outside temps equalize, open your windows. A fan in the windows to blow the cooler air in will help a lot. I’d rather have my house 70° than over 100°. Every little bit helps.

 Here is a graph showing Monday’s high temps.

This graph shows the temps for the next 9 days. Each color line is a different model, and you can see they are all pretty much agree.

As for the “cough” rain…. Well…. Uhhh…. Nothing showing. Blank graph.

After Monday’s heat comes to a close the temps will start dropping down throughout the week. When I say dropping down I mean into the low 90’s. But I’ll take the low 90’s over 112° any day. Also after Monday, our nighttime lows will be back down to the low to mid 60’s. Much easier to cool your house down.

Here are a few things that the NWS out of Seattle has posted. Very important information.

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