Latest King County Data: 83 COVID-19 cases in the Snoqualmie Valley, 4 deaths

In early April the King County Department of Health updated its COVID-19 Outbreak Summary page, allowing users to track cases by zip code. The King County website and the Washington State COVID-19 data dashboard are updated daily, usually in the late afternoon.

This article will also be updated each day in May with new virus data for the Snoqualmie Valley – similar to our April article tracking that data.

COVID-19 Cases in Snoqualmie Valley as of May 30th:

  • Carnation, 98014 zip code: 5 positives, population 7,000
  • Duvall, 98019 zip code: 20 positives, 1 death, population 12,000
  • Fall City, 98024 zip code: 6 positives, population 6,600
  • North Bend, zip code 98045: 24 positives, 2 deaths, 14,500 population
  • Snoqualmie, zip code 98065: 27 positives, 1 death, population 15,500

In early April there were approximately 40 cases in the Snoqualmie Valley and no deaths. Over the past seven weeks there have been 41 additional cases and three deaths reported for the above Snoqualmie Valley zip codes – one in Duvall, one in North Bend and one in Snoqualmie. [Note: on May 6th King County Health revised its numbers to reflect only one death in North Bend when earlier it had reported two.]

By comparison, in the nearby City of Issaquah – population about 30,000 – there have been 173 positive test results and 31 deaths. Issaquah had also COVID cases impacting some nursing homes.

As of May 30th, in Washington State 360,899 COVID-19 tests have been performed that positively confirmed 21,702 cases (6% of tests). In King County there have been 8,159 positive COVID-19 tests (7.5% of tests). According to the WA Department of Health, 1,118 people have died, 557 of those in King County.

The positive rate of COVID-19 tests has been decreasing since it began spreading in Washington, both statewide (from 8.6% to 6%) and in King County (from 14% to 7.5%). Hospitalizations have also been decreasing since the late March/early April peak.

Since the outbreak began, about 16% of those with COVID-19 required hospitalization. Currently, about 25% of those reported as hospitalized (266) with the virus have been intubated (67%).

According to the WA DOH, approximately 72% of COVID-19 cases have been in those 59-years old and younger, accounting for 38% of hospitalizations and 10% of COVID deaths. 28% of cases have been reported in those 60 and older, accounting for 62% of hospitalizations and 90% of deaths.

In a May 1st press conference, Governor Inslee extend the statewide Stay Home, Stay Health order until May 31st and laid out a 4 phase economic reopening plan. The stay home order will expire on May 31st and the reopening will transition to a county-by-county model with state approval required to move between phases.

[Note: KC DOH and WA DOH stats are slightly different per each website.]

Map of King County COVID-19 case numbers

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  • Is there a King County resource tracking active cases or recoveries?
    Cumulative case counts offer less insight into current conditions.

  • This is the same data as posted on April 2nd …… Must mean the Valley is doing their share to get folks back to work soon??

    1. The original April 2nd article was updated daily as new data was published by county and state. This new article will start with today’s data and be updated daily as well.

  • Do you not think the reason cases have been so low in the valley is due to the businesses being closed on Any given day during that time period hundreds of visitors from outside of the valley were here but due to the closed stores they. We’re hiking or on the river so now we open? I sure wouldn’t want any kind of spike at all effecting my family friends or associates.

    1. Hi there – we’re working on this now. King County has changed it’s dashboard for reporting and only now daily tracks/reports COVID-19 stats within city limits. As a big chunk of the Snoqualmie is in unincorporated areas, it more difficult. We’re working on a new article now to track the new cases for the past month using weekly county reports that track zip codes.

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