Updated: Late Night Shooting Injures 90-year-old Great Grandfather in Downtown Snoqualmie

Update November 10th: When asked for an update, Chief Phipps of the Snoqualmie Police Department told Living Snoqualmie that a video was obtained from a nearby residence that shows the subjects had been shooting at elk which were in the area.



A resident reports her 90-year old grandfather was treated for forehead flesh wounds after his house was hit by gunfire while he was asleep in his bed early on November 7th.  

Sunday morning around 2 am in the vicinity of Delta Street, near Mount Si High School, a house was hit three times, and 9mm bullets were later found on the windowsill and in the man’s dresser.

The man reported being awakened by a splitting headache which, at the time, he thought was caused by a stroke and headache. He then found wood chips in his bed and thought his ceiling was collapsing before he found a bullet hole, and he called the police.  

Area of late-night shooting

The following day, relatives found two more bullet holes, including one that went through his fence and hit St. Clare’s Episcopal Church.

Chief Perry Phipps confirmed officers responded to multiple calls regarding hearing possible shots fired in the area of Beta and Railroad Ave. on Sunday at 1:58 am.

The responding officers believed that it was random shots fired, possibly target shooting at a tree in the area and not a specific location or residence targeted.

Shell casings and bullet fragments were located and recovered in the area. There is an ongoing investigation to try and find the responsible subject(s).

The injury that the resident received was minor and did not require any further medical assistance.  However, the victim’s granddaughter would appreciate any information regarding this incident be passed on to the Snoqualmie Police Department so this person may be found and held accountable for this reckless behavior.

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  • Possible shots fired? Doesn’t it say the casings we in the windows. And the guy was shot in the head. We need a new Police Chief and Police PIO.

    1. The calls to the police that night were for “possible shots fired.” The man was NOT shot in the head he was injured by wood debris

  • at 2am, car pulled down our street (Railroad place se & Beta) stopped in front of our driveway and 2 people got out and started shooting at the elk in the railroad tracks right of way towards St Claire’s. 15 casings were found in the street next to our driveway. Our neighbor has video, but too dark and not clear enough to get license plates. Snoqualmie PD was on site within 10 minutes of reports, checking with neighbors. Until we got the video footage this morning, no one realized they were shooting across the highway, at the elk. glad no one was more seriously injured.

  • Living Snoqualmie