Early Morning Accident Leaves Car Flipped on Quiet Snoqualmie Ridge Street

Residents of SE Swenson Street in the Deer Park neighborhood of Snoqualmie Ridge were awakened in the wee hours of Saturday morning, September 21, 2013, to the ominous sound of a “loud smash” and then “metal scraping” pavement and found a small sedan upside down in the middle of their residential road, near Swenson Park.

One Swenson Street homeowner said the vehicle’s front end was “crunched” and its “air bags deployed,” adding that it appeared the vehicle had hit a sidewalk tree.

Police says the car flipped around 3:30AM due to the actions of the DUI driver. On Saturday afternoon remnants of the accident showed evidence of something striking a sidewalk tree on Swenson, with car fluids and shattered glass left behind.

Resident, Wendy Eichelberger, called 911 and along with her neighbor helped the driver of the vehicle until Snoqualmie Police and Fire arrived.  She said the male driver was checked out by medics at the scene and there were no passengers in the vehicle.

Eichelberger reported that some teenage boys came to clean up the street later Saturday afternoon, sweeping up the shattered glass and pellets used to soak up the vehicle fluids left behind.

The male minor driver was arrested for DUI and possession of marijuana. The vehicle was towed away around 4:30AM.

Vehicle flipped on SE Swenson ST around 3:30AM, 9/21/13. Photo by Wendy Eichelberger


Snoqualmie Police on scene of Saturday’s early morning accident in Deer Park. Photo by Wendy Eichelberger


After scene of 9/21/13 accident on SE Swenson Street

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  • Further proof of the vital service you provide with this blog: I live four doors away from this scene and slept thru the excitement! Thank you for your terrific work with livingsnoqualmie. –Andrew Prazuch

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