Updated: Two More Echo Glen Escapees Arrested

Updated 8:15 PM: This afternoon Kent Police Department and King County Sheriff’s Office detectives arrested, without incident, two of the 4 remaining escapees from Echo Glen.

Two juveniles and the Ford remain outstanding.


Updated 8:15 AM: Around 1:30 this morning, Timothy Hernandez-Ebanks was taken into custody without incident in South King County.

KCSO thank the Kent Police Department and their Major Crimes detectives for their excellent work.

Four other escapees and the gray Ford Fusion taken Wednesday remain outstanding.

Detectives with the King County Sheriff’s Office Major Crimes Unit (MCU) seek the public’s help locating 15-year-old Timothy G Hernandez-Ebanks following today’s escape from the Echo Glen Children’s Center. 

Hernandez-Ebanks was in Echo Glen’s care following his 2021 conviction for Murder-1 and Unlawful Possession of a Firearm stemming from a 2020 homicide in southwest King County.  Because of the Sheriff’s Office’s concern for the safety and well-being of the public, they are featuring Hernandez-Ebanks here.  

Hernandez-Ebanks’ whereabouts remain unknown.  He may be in the company of four other juveniles also involved in today’s escape.  These young men may be driving a 2018 gray Ford Fusion (WA license 27545E) taken in this incident.  

Any persons with information are asked to call 911 or the King County Sheriff’s non-emergency number at 206/296-3311

Anonymous tips may be shared with Crime Stoppers of Puget Sound via P3Tips.com or the P3 Tips app on your mobile device.

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  • What in the world was a convicted murderer doing in a “ children’s center”??!! Why wasn’t he in adult jail? Is this what Gov. Inslee bragged about “ lowest youth incarceration rate”? Whatever the security precautions or protocol that was in place, was obviously not adequate!

  • Just wetlands….. now will he be moved to a more secure location? Time added on for assault of jail personnel and grand larceny?

    1. “Because you are not putting a 15 year old in with adults.”

      This 15 year old had an illegal gun, and walked up behind a father walking to work, put the gun to his skull, and pulled the trigger. For now reason. He told the police he “just felt like doing it.”

      He might not need to go in with adults, but he should be behind bars for a long, long time.

      The people of Washington have passed laws stating that the gun violation alone should put him away for decades. Add to that the murder, and the people have Washington have decided this young man should be in jail for 10-25 years. Hard time.

      But somehow, the people that passed all these laws have decided they won’t be enforced. In New York, a kid just shot a cop. And was let out in days. He got ANOTHER gun, was caught with that.

      The laws in these blue states are brutal and crushing. And ignored. Remember the shootout between the two young men a few blocks east of Pike Place in 2019? They had dozens of felonies. And had previously been caught with illegal guns as felons. And nobody cared. Nothing happened. And then someone died.

      Our gun laws are a joke. The people that voted them into place are idiots. They want more and more laws, and when it comes time to apply the laws, they chicken out. And come up with some reason why the laws they wanted cannot be applied.

      In Chicago, a felon on parole caught walking around with a typical illegal handgun (not even using it, just carrying it in his pocket) is looking at 50 years. But because nobody has the courage to apply the laws they’ve demanded, ,the felon gets just a few weeks. IN some cases (no joke) the felon even gets his gun back.

      So, the next time you hear of a shooting and think to yourself “We really need stronger guns laws” remember that very minor gun infractions will usually net very serious jail times. The problem isn’t that we don’t have enough laws. the problem is that nobody has the courage to apply them.

      Those that get out of jail have a 70-90% recidivism rate for violent crimes. Which means they never “go straight” and take a job. They get out and go back to doing what they were doing: victimizing others. The shorter their jail time, the more opportunity they have to victimize. And we see another woman on TV sobbing about being raped in the courthouse. Or sobbing about her son being shot while leaving his job at Google. Or sobbing because her catalytic converter was stolen and she couldn’t get her daughter to chemo treatment. Or a rock thrown through their windshield on I90. I mean, our news is full of good people that have tried to do everything right being victimized.

      And nobody has the courage to see “Sorry, but if you rape a woman you need to be in jail for 5-10 years” or “If you shoot a stranger going to work in the back of the head you need to be in jail for 15-30 years”

      It’s non-stop bleating about how those that victimize other should be allowed to victimize more.

      Seattle is ruined. People are walking out of Target in Issaquah with stolen electronics . Where will you go when all the things you voted for have ruined everything around us? Let me guess: You’ll pick a red state that is safe and move there, and start asking for the same things that ruined the cities you left. “Why can’t we let people live outside like dogs? It seems so cruel to require them to stay inside….”

  • Living Snoqualmie