King County Independent Force Investigation Team Update: Torguson Park Officer-Involved Shooting

According to an update on the shooting last night by the King County Independent Investigation Team, a Snoqualmie/North Bend police officer attempted to contact a subject in Torguson Park, 750 E North Bend Way, shortly after 11:00 pm Tuesday.

The officer asked the subject to leave since the park was closed. Investigators say a fight quickly broke out between the officer and the 33-year-old man.

The officer was knocked to the ground and sustained minor injuries. As the subject fought the officer, he attempted to grab the officer’s weapon, and the officer fired one round resulting in the subject’s death.

Detectives with the Independent Force Investigation Team, IFIT-KC, have processed the scene and interviewed witnesses, including the involved officer. IFIT-KC is a multi-agency team made up of investigators from 13 King County Police Departments.

Since this incident involved the Snoqualmie/North Bed Police Department, they are not part of the investigation team.

The IFIT – KC team is in contact with the subject’s family involved in this incident and the non-law enforcement community representative. It will be keeping them informed of the progress of the investigation.

Public notifications will be released weekly until the conclusion of the investigation.

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  • The officer was doing what needed to be done. If you dont patrol the parks pretty soon drug use, crime and tents will spring up. I hope the officer wont get hurt. Or NB will turn into Seattle where the crooks and the homeless druggies run the show

  • Living Snoqualmie