Kayakers Capsize on Cold Fast Rising Snoqualmie River

At 11:25 am this morning, North Bend resident Forrest Smith was walking his dog on the Snoqualmie Valley Trail across the river from Camp Waskowitz when he saw something in the river.

Said Mr. Smith “I was shooting a video of the rapid movement of the river and the trail ahead and behind me so I could post it later. I started back on my walk when I saw the blue kayaker, so I started to video again.“

What he saw was a man in a blue kayak struggling with the cold fast rising river and a capsized red kayak following close behind.  Mr. Smith said a friend of his called 911 and was told more people down the river had seen it and called it in.

According to the King County Sheriff’s Office Sgt. Ryan Abbott the original caller called from the of 44800 block of SE 145th. The caller said two kayaks floated by them with no one on them. Then they reported seeing one male on shore but couldn’t find the second. The second was found a short time later on shore. According to a tweet by Eastside Fire and Rescue both kayakers were reported not injured with no treatment needed.

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  • Hahah! Yes I realize this isn’t a big deal if you are into the sport but you must admit the video is pretty dramatic, eh?

  • Just to clarify, those are packrafts not kayaks. I know most people don’t know or care about the difference, but in the world of whitewater they are different boats and different folks paddling them.

  • Living Snoqualmie