Investing in North Bend: Two Local Businesses Donate to Improve Tanner Trail

Earlier this month, two North Bend businesses – Rainier Asphalt & Concrete and Fury Site Works – donated time, equipment and materials to improve and expand the eastern portion of Tanner Trail, which runs parallel to North Bend Way.

Rainier Asphalt & Concrete constructed a 400-foot long extension to Tanner Trail and Fury Site Works installed conduit adjacent to the new trail section for future lighting.  In the coming years, it is anticipated that the City will extend Tanner Trail even farther east to connect to the Snoqualmie Valley Trail eventually.

This is the second trail donation made by Rainier Asphalt, which also installed a 200-foot trail connection between the William H. Taylor Train Depot Park and Park Street in 2019.

Rainier Asphalt owner Tom Merry, who has lived in North Bend since 2008, said the donations are a way to invest in the community he lives in and loves.  In 2017, Merry wrote a letter to former North Bend Mayor Ken Hearing suggesting a company initiative to provide up to $20,000 annually to the City of North Bend in Rainier Asphalt services to improve the community.  

Merry said this latest trail donation took a little longer than anticipated due to weather events and Covid-19. Still, he was once again glad to contribute something for the community to enjoy.

Mayor Rob McFarland commented, “We are grateful to have these two local companies that strive for community involvement and find ways for their businesses to benefit the residents of North Bend. Their generosity is truly appreciated.”

Rainier Asphalt just celebrated its 20th-anniversary and was started by Merry while still a student at the University of Washington. The company is planning to build its new headquarters on North Bend Way soon. Fury Site Works was founded 30-years ago and is headquartered on North Bend Way. Fury specializes in clearing, grading, excavation, and site layout work.

Thank You, Fury Site Works and Rainier Asphalt

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  • Wow! Such generosity. Thanks so VERY much. It is inspiring. I would like to see other volunteers beautify and tidy our lovely little community. When work is done as a group effort, it seems more manageable.

  • Living Snoqualmie