Update: Injury collision Eastbound I90 Near Preston Snarls Evening Traffic

Update 8:30 AM January 12th, 2022: In an incident summary sent by the WSP this morning at 6:05 AM, more details about the crash were available.

Vehicle one, a white Subaru WRX, was traveling eastbound on I-90 was involved in a two car collision just west of Preston and fled the scene.

Just east of Preston, vehicle one was involved in a second collision with a second vehicle (a large truck) and again tried to leave the scene but became wedged against the side of vehicle two blocking two lanes of traffic.

This was when vehicle three, a Subaru Outback and a possible DUI, traveling at a high rate of speed struck the rear of vehicle two.

The drivers of vehicles one and two were uninjured. The driver of vehicle three was transported to Harborview Hospital.

Driver one has charges pending of DUI and vehicular assault. Driver three has charges pending of DUI and Assault 3.


According to the Washington State Patrol, a very serious injury collision happened around 8 PM January 11th near Preston (MP 22)

Trooper Rick Johnson, Public Information Officer for the WSP, posted on Twitter, “A couple different collisions happened. This one involved this vehicle reported as a possible impaired driver. Updates to come. Expect delays through the area.”

Photo credit: WSP Twitter

The collisions are currently blocking two lanes. State Patrol is on scene.

Story developing.

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  • that photo is horrible.
    it was my understanding that trucks are now required to have a bar at the back so that cars get blocked from going under the back of the truck like the photo shows. i’m wondering if there was a bar? if the force of the car was so strong it went through that bar?

  • Agreed. I debated putting it in but then I noticed the booze bottle next to the tire and thought maybe it would caution at least someone, to not do the same. As for the bar, I thought the same. I’ll have to look into it now

    1. thanks. re photo is horrible–i just meant it really shows how horrible the accident was. i think including it is entirely appropriate and your reason is a good one.

  • Trivia: I read somewhere it was called a Mansfield bar, after Jayne Mansfield, who died that way (with kids in the car, including her daughter, Mariska Hargitay)

  • My son and I were behind this vehicle as it raced by us going at least 90 or faster… swerving left and right, no break lights as it just slammed right into the back of the stopped semi that was pulled over. Extremely scary! We for sure thought there’s no way that person made it out alive.

  • Living Snoqualmie