Updated Election Results: Snoqualmie council incumbents hold seats, North Bend gets new mayor and two female council members

UPDATE | NOVEMBER 9, 2019, 6:30AM

With nearly all of the November 5th general election ballots counted, it looks like only one result changed since initial tallies were posted by King County Elections on Tuesday night.

All three Snoqualmie City Council incumbents will retain their seats, with the Mayhew – Fletcher race being the tightest (3 points). Both school board incumbents also easily won third terms.

Gene Pollard’s bid to to knock Darriel Norris from her hospital commission seat failed. He gave up his own seat to run against her and will now finish his hospital board tenure at the end of the year. Mark Correira’s slim lead for the Si View Parks Commission flipped in the latest election result update. He now trails Katie Klahn by 21 votes.

According to ballot return stats, about 50% of Snoqualmie Valley registered voters turned out for the November 5th election. The county will continue to update results each weekday around 4PM until they are certified at the end of the month. The only result we possibly see as ‘could change’ between now and then is the Si View Parks commission race between Correira and Klahn.

Results below have been updated to reflect King County’s update posted on November 8th.



In the first batch of ballots tallied by King County Elections for the November 5th general election, Snoqualmie City Council incumbents were holding sizable leads and in North Bend, the all male city council will soon have two women representatives.

Rob McFarland will be the new North Bend mayor, but his opponent still got about 31% of the votes even though he dropped out of the race during the summer.

One race for Si View Parks District is too close to call and Snoqualmie Valley School Board incumbents will retain their seats.

In the Snoqualmie Valley Hospital District Commissioner race, Gene Pollard trails Darriel Norris. Pollard gave up his seat to challenge Norris for hers.

About 20% of Snoqualmie Valley ballots had been received and counted so far by King County Elections. The results will be updated each week day around 4PM and the results certified by the end of November.

The state is expecting low voter turnout for the November general election. Secretary of State Kim Wyman told King 5 News she hopes to get into the 40 percentage range, but said it was looking a little ‘bleak’ to reach that.

North Bend Mayor

Rob McFarland: 67.93%
Rich Wiltshire: 31.44%

North Bend Council Position No. 3

Heather Koellen: 51.99%
Olivia G. Moe: 47.81%

North Bend Council Position No. 7

Mary Miller: 63.21%
Darren Glazier: 36.60%

Snoqualmie Council Position No. 2

Katherine Ross: 55.08%
Elaine Armstrong: 44.68%

Snoqualmie Council Position No. 4

James Mayhew: 51.68%
Fuzzy Fletcher: 48.27%

Snoqualmie Council Position No. 6

Sean Sundwall: 58.59%
William E. Donaldson: 41.20%

Snoqualmie Valley School District Director District 2

Geoff Doy: 67.53%
Linda Hamm Grez: 32.07%

Snoqualmie Valley School District Director District 3

Carolyn G. Simpson: 63.19%
Chelsea Rivas: 36.46%

Snoqualmie Valley [King County] Public Hospital District Commissioner Position No. 2

Dariel Norris: 54.30%
Gene Pollard: 45.30%

Si View Metropolitan Park District Commissioner Position No. 1

Catherine Fredenburg: 75.77%
Kayla Noonan: 23.76%

Si View Metropolitan Park District Commissioner Position No. 1

Mark Correira: 49.54%
Katie Klahn: 50.02%

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  • Congrats to the elected officials and I wish the challengers well! Only negative takeaway I from this election is the continued poor turnout. I thought the strong campaigning would have resulted in a higher turnout. Not to mention our voting system is very simple compared to other states in the union.

  • Living Snoqualmie