Important Update on Police Pursuit Law: A Message from Chief Lynch

Dear Snoqualmie and North Bend residents,

On June 6, 2024, Washington State law pertaining to police pursuits changed. Previous restrictions that limited Snoqualmie Police Department officers’ ability to pursue those who violated the law have been removed.

The change in this law was the direct result of over 400,000 Washington state residents who called for this needed change in the state’s pursuit law. 

While I am pleased this essential tool to fight crime in our community has been restored, I want to assure residents that officers will continue to exercise restraint and caution when the need arises to pursue those who have broken the law. Community safety is our top priority. As such, when officers utilize pursuits, they will always work to minimize the risk to our community. 

Snoqualmie Police Department policy, training, and best practices adhere to a disciplined approach to vehicle pursuits where officers terminate pursuits when the community risk is greater than apprehending the offender. This has always been our policy and will remain our policy. We also continually work to upgrade our training, tools and equipment, including pursuit intervention technology.  

I am grateful to serve this community and for the trust you place in the Snoqualmie Police Department and its officers who are dedicated to serving the residents of Snoqualmie and North Bend each and every day.  

Thank you for restoring an essential tool to combat crime in our community. We do not take lightly the authority you have granted us and will always work to maintain your high level of trust.  

Today I am pleased to say that criminal offenders will no longer have a free pass to commit crimes in the upper Snoqualmie Valley and once again, officers will have a vital way to hold more criminals accountable for their actions. 

It is an honor to serve and protect this community. 

Chief Brian Lynch

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