Help shape the path for region’s needed transportation investments, take quick quesionnaire

Want more bus lines? Think more tolling or an increased gas tax will help improve local roads? Think we need to maintain our current infrastructure better?  There’s a chance right now to weigh in on that hot button topic and shape future transportation planning.

The Puget Sound Regional Council (PSRC) is a planning agency that helps plan for transportation, economic development and growth within the central Puget Sound region which includes King, Kitsap, Pierce and Snohomish counties.  They  also distribute federal grant funding – money that has been helping to revitalize the SR 202 downtown cores of North Bend and Snoqualmie.

An important thing the PSRC is charged with is developing the region’s long-range transportation plan called Transportation 2040 (T2040)  – a 30-year plan “that seeks to address how the region can best provide the mobility required to support more people and more jobs while sustaining the region’s natural environment and economic vitality, improve transportation system safety and efficiency, and enhance the region’s overall quality of life.”

Currently the PSRC is working on updating their T2040 plan, which it does every four years to reflect changes that may have occurred. The update work includes gathering feedback from the public to “gain meaningful feedback from transportation system users, particularly people with low-income, people of color, persons with disabilities, persons with limited English proficiency, seniors, youth, veterans, and residents in rural areas.”

As the Snoqualmie Valley is considered a rural area by the PSRC, they’re asking area residents to complete a brief questionnaire that will help them update the 2040 transportation plan – one that guides the development of local plans and projects around the region.

PSRC says current transportation funds like the gas tax aren’t keeping up with the region’s needs so the T2040 plan will be used to identify a path forward to pay for needed transportation investments.

Tell PSRC what you think about strategies that could improve the mobility of the Puget Sound region. You can take the PSRC Transportation 2040 Questionnaire HERE.

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