Head-on, fatal accident closes SR 18 over Tiger Mt. for hours Monday night

On Monday evening, February 5, 2018, the Washington State Department of Transportation (WSDOT) said a serious accident had both directions of SR 18 blocked just east of Issaquah-Hobart near milepost 20.

The accident occurred around 4:30PM and involved a semi and car. Via Twitter, Eastside Fire & Rescue said it had crews en route to the scene at 4:45PM, but by 5PM said the accident scene would require a Washington State Patrol (WSP) fatality investigation.

According to a WSP accident report, the car was heading eastbound on SR 18 just east of Issaquah Hobart-Road when it crossed the center line and struck a semi heading westbound. The semi jack-knifed during the collision, blocking all lanes of SR 18.

A 30-year Colorado man driving the Dodge died at the scene. The 41-year male semi driver was transported to Swedish Hospital.

It was unknown what caused the driver to cross the center line. SR 18 was closed for just over six hours between Issaquah-Hobart Road and I-90 while troopers investigated the expansive accident. It reopened around


SR 18 accident scene, 2/5/18. Photo: Eastside Fire & Rescue





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  • I moved to Snoqualmie Valley 23 years ago from Portland Oregon… Learned about a different route using HWY 18 over Tiger Mt. To I-5 South Bound to Portland Oregon and vice versa.
    Many fatal accidents, fender bender & road closures happens on this dangerous highway.
    WSDOT & COUNTY’S or whomever cares need to problem solve, fix & update this road for safe driving… Lighting, painted lines, medians, widening road & stop spending money on roads already repaired and start on HWY 18…

    1. Omg i so agree with u one this one how many more fatalities need to happen before shit gets fixed i drive it every single day n it’s crazy as hell that they haven’t done a thing since what i witnessed on mother’s day last year when is this gonna end

  • In May ‘17, sent a letter to our area’s representatives and state senators requesting immediate WSDOT action on HWY18 to “add barriers” and on May 18, 2017 received this msg. What to do??

    — cut and paste message they sent me —

    WSDOT has told our office that concrete barriers require two feet of space and then two feet of space on either side of them. Unfortunately that stretch of highway doesn’t have enough space for six feet of new space without major adjustments. Additionally, WSDOT has told us that having a barrier along the whole route adds additional safety concerns as it impedes emergency response when there are weather and traffic related closures on one side of the road. Hopefully this stretch of road can be addressed in a more comprehensive way as part of the I-90/SR 18 interchange and widening project.

    That was WSDOT’s initial response to your idea, so I will let you know if that changes. They were going to look in to the idea further.

  • Call WSDOT and ask why this has not been fixed. They have plenty of money. They just choose to spend it elsewhere.

  • Living Snoqualmie