Harassment at the Grocery Store, Community Members step up to say Hate is Not okay

Ask yourself. What would you do if it happened in your community? It’s something Arpana Sangamithra didn’t really stop to ask herself as she entered the nearby Issaquah Highlands Safeway on Tuesday night, July 26, 2016.

She said it was around 8:30PM when she entered the store and noticed two young women and a young child in the lobby area – the two young women had frightened expressions, which is what she said made her stop.

Arpana said the young woman wearing a headscarf tried to compose herself, but began to cry as she told her that a group of teenagers sitting outside the store had yelled ‘ISIS’ at her. She explained that her friend confronted the group, asking them why they would do that – that the teens at first ignored her friend, then laughed at her, saying a guy in a truck had said it and to go talk to him. Then the group said, “What are you going to do about it?”

A witness to the incident, Johnna Masterson, said what occurred was awful. She said the boys in the group were the main instigators – ridiculing and swearing at the young women and child.  Johnna said the males were loud as they taunted and made fun of the women, saying they acted “as if the girls didn’t have a right to be upset at their comments about them being ‘ISIS.'”

Johnna said even after the girls retreated to the store the group carried on loudly, “throwing around insults and profanities.”  She said most people in the parking lot seemed confused, as she was at first –  until she stopped and paid closer attention. She called the store management from the parking lot to report the incident.

Two Safeway managers ended up helping the women. Arpana explained they walked by as she was consoling the girl, so she told them about the incident. The managers listened to the young women recount what had occurred and then without hesitation told the group of teens to leave the store and to never return if they couldn’t behave – even threatening to call the police and have them trespassed. Then one of the managers walked the women and child to the end of the street as a precaution.

Arpana said what had the most profound effect on her was that while the frightened girl sobbed into her shoulder she said, “I don’t want them to get away with this. I am not ISIS.’  She tried to assure the woman that she knew it wasn’t true and that as a community, they wouldn’t tolerate this behavior – the insulting of neighbors.

Unfortunately, she wasn’t able to promise the distraught woman that the people who harassed her would not get away with it, but does believe we can mitigate the damage caused to the community “when we all speak up and defend one another.”

Johnna added, “It really was heartbreaking to watch.”  She said she knows the behavior of the group is the exception and not the rule, saying the majority of kids in the neighborhood are “amazing, volunteering and working to make the community what it is.”

She said unfortunately, the incident has “shone a light on a very important, and very sad situation happening all over our country.”

Both women were shocked to have the incident occur in their small Eastside community, but know it can happen anywhere – and probably is. They both also realized they didn’t have to sit by idle – and both tried to help.

Johnna said the event has opened a conversation that every family needs to have – whether it is telling kids how wrong it is to treat anyone so poorly, or helping build the strength kids will need to do the right thing if they ever witness such an event.

She lastly added, “The only way to combat this hate is to raise children who refuse to allow or accept it.”

Arpana shared her story with the Issaquah Highlands Facebook group and said she was overwhelmed by the amount of supporting comments from others who feel as she does – that it’s important to step up and help – and say it’s just not okay to treat neighbors this way.

Most commenters seemed to agree.

Issaquah Highlands Safeway
Issaquah Highlands Safeway




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  • The sad thing is this will continue to happen if they don’t dress the part. I understand this is because of their religion but we wouldn’t wear a bikini in their country. This is not acceptable but adapting to our culture is important.

    1. That’s an ignorant and hurtful comment, Mary. Let’s work together to be part of the solution. People have the right in this country to practice theie religion of choice. They do not need to conform to “white” culture, but rather, we need to teach our children to be accepting of all people and embrace each other’s differences. That’s what makes this country rich, not everyone acting like robots.

      1. But often this religion includes female circumcision. Europe is facing some 200,000 girls being surgically mutilated each year in the name of religion. Surely you don’t consider this “diversity” a good thing, do you? You are right, if someone has very similar views to westerners and wants to wear headscarf, we should celebrate the diversity it brings. But what if their religion tells them that gays should be killed in the public square? Do we want that kind of diversity here?

        1. Female circumcision is a practice in certain parts of Africa and has nothing to do with Islam. No where in the Quran is it mentioned. It is a value practiced in certain parts of Africa where some people might also happen to be Muslim. Also, gays being killed in a public square is a radical and horrible thing practiced in Saudi Arabia, but it is a Saudi Arabian problem, not a Muslim probelm. You can’t implicated 1.6 billion people for what one screwed up country does.

          1. Mike wrote: “Also, gays being killed in a public square is a radical and horrible thing practiced in Saudi Arabia, but it is a Saudi Arabian problem, not a Muslim probelm.”

            Nah, it’s an Islam problem: https://themuslimissue.wordpress.com/2013/03/12/islam-list-of-persecution-of-homosexuals/

      2. “we need to teach our children to be accepting of all people”
        Not when those people promote second-class citizenship for women.

        1. You’re acting like the bible doesn’t say the same things about women and gays. If Christianity were as popular as Islam in underdeveloped countries the same exact things would happen.

    2. Mary- Well so much for your being able to accept all peoples with open arms…You should be ashamed of yourself. Where is the love in this hateful comment?

    3. Uh, wow. Seriously? You *just* read an article about tolerance and speaking up, and all you have to say is that they should “dress the part?” You’re comment made me more angry than the events in the article. YOU are the reason we have incidences like this. Do you even KNOW why they wear a head scarf. It’s a sign of respect to their bodies. You need to educate yourself before you open your mouth because you’re only contributing to the problem.

      1. Rebecca wrote: “Do you even KNOW why they wear a head scarf. It’s a sign of respect to their bodies.”

        Then why don’t Muslim men wear head scarves? They don’t respect their bodies?
        Here’s why many, if not most, Muslim women wear a scarf or hijab: Because they’ll be hit or beaten if they don’t. Here is the imam at the Sammamish mosque (only 25 min away from Snoqualmie) indicating that women should be hit if they don’t wear their hijab:
        Go to 8:00 at http://www.popmodal.com/video/7382/US-Imam-Allah-is-clear-you-can-hit-your-wife
        And we’re to believe wearing them is voluntary!! You bet!!

    4. They need to act the part, not dress the part, and there is nothing to suggest that they weren’t acting like any other American.

    5. Excuse me Mary, but we Muslims HAVE adapted to your country. Just because we cover our heads, wear long sleeves and long pants, doesn’t mean we don’t ‘dress the part’. The Old Testament calls for modesty in women, which is why nuns dress the way they do. Th Virgin Mary is depicted wearing a headscarf as well. So what does that say? Maybe you should adapt the ideals of tolerance.

    6. So tell us, Mary, what is American culture… Is it wearing a “bikini”? Being a Christian? Please define it, Mary, because I’m growing concerned: Despite my American birth certificate I don’t wear bikinis and I’m not a Christian.

    7. Your just as bad as those boys. It doesn’t matter how she dressed. Would it matter if you wore jeans and a t-shirt in another country. If she lives in America , this Is her country!!!!!

  • Just like you dress the part and have adapted to the culture of the people who lived here originally? Jog on, racist apologist.

  • Admire the American thought process and love for community irrespective of colour,caste,creed or nationality.I wish there was a similar set up in Kashmir when 350000 kashmiri pandits were hounded by the muslims to leave their homes in 1990 after killing ,raping &torturing many & these unfortunate souls are migrants,refugees in their own country for last 27 years without any refuge or word of sympathy from any world over.

    1. What does what those people did have to do with being Muslim? When a Christian man kills do we say it was a crusade for Jesus? No, we say he was insane. What those people did in 1990 has nothing to do with Islam and if you believe it does you are just as ignorant as those boys

  • these kids apparently need to have a good spanking, or time out or something, they apparently have never experienced a consequence. this is a result of liberal feel good all the time mentality, these kids don’t have any critical thinking skills and when they finally learn a natural consequence, it’s going to hurt a lot worse than it would have if they learned it while they were young. I hope this woman well, I hope she’s one of the folks who come to America to assimilate, not come wanting to change America to their ways, otherwise, why even come here.

    1. Really? The GOP candidate wants to ban all Muslims from entering the country and the best you can come up with is it is the liberals fault? Hate that the children demonstrate comes from their parents. Your answer is they need to get beat up? Right more violence. It is the anti-liberals like yourself that stoke hatred, fear and violence. It is the bread and butter of conservatives. Don’t believe me? Just listen to your network Fox or any of the cowards who sell themselves to be GOP politicians.

      1. Over half of muslims in the UK want homosexuality banned. BANNED. Haven’t we already fought that battle here? If someone has the ideals of west and can make a positive contribution to our economy, then by all means, let’s welcome them with open arms. But do you really want to bring people into the country that believe gays should be torn limb from limb or walked off buildings by mobs? If the answer is “no”, then surprise, you and Donald Trump have a lot in common.

        1. I think this is the poll you are referring to? http://www.cnn.com/2016/04/11/europe/britain-muslims-survey/ The article also has a response from the Muslim Council of Britain. It’s an interesting article. I think it’s important to also note that just because a person answers a pole question, that they believe something should be illegal, doesn’t mean they don’t accept that it IS legal in the country they reside. Nor does it mean that they would retaliate against someone who is homosexual.

          1. Yes, a similar poll (I was thinking Pew). If muslims in the UK could define the law, they would define the law such that homosexuality was illegal. That IS retaliation.

            Muslims in europe are performing genital mutilation on their daughters at very high rates. Entire class rooms in Sweden have seen every single Muslim girl altered (clitoris removed) and the vagina sewed shut. Not by a doctor, but by a religious person (https://www.rt.com/news/167368-genital-mutilation-sweden-girls/)

            Let’s say, for example, someone wants to come to this country, and they believe it’s OK if others kill gays (even though they’d not do it themselves), and when their 5 year old daughter grows up, they plan on having her genitals altered. Do you think this thinking is the kind of diversity we want to encourage more of in this country?

            And to be clear, I’d have read the kids the riot act if I saw them hassling the woman in this news story. But I’d also read someone the riot act if they believed in killing gays, FGM, killing those that leave the church, burning their daughter for shaming the family, owning slaves, polygamy via arranged marriages, marrying underage kids, treating women as second class citizens, etc, etc. I do not believe these are western values at all. Do you?

            1. But is believing something should be illegal the same as thinking it is okay to kill because of that belief? The poll question asked if they believed homosexuality should be illegal, not do you believe it is okay to kill homosexuals. There is a distinction and it seems Britain would be dealing with a lot more turmoil if the two were interchangeable.

              Also, I did not see in that article that they said the girls in Sweden who had FGM performed were Muslim.I don’t believe the article identified their home countries or religion. FGM appears to be most commonly practiced in Africa and the Middle East and there seems to be a lot of debate as to its roots being religious or geographic/cultural. The practice is illegal in the U.S. just as it is in Sweden.

          2. Here’s an article from the LA Times on the treatment of gays in the middle east. (http://www.latimes.com/world/middleeast/la-fg-islamic-state-anti-gay-violence-20160613-snap-story.html). Note that these atrocities can only happen in the open because the population at large doesn’t care that they happen. In this case, there is only a tiny distinction between the person that actually throws the gay person off the building, and the person that looks the other way when it happens. Both are reprehensible acts. You are right, the Muslims that affirmed that they’d make homosexuality illegal in the poll won’t actually kill gay people, but they will turn a blind eye when it happens.

            Sweden’s immigrant population practicing FGM is indeed mostly North Africa (Sudan), which is overwhelmingly Muslim. So, yes, it is overwhelmingly Sweden’s Muslim population that is practicing FGM. FGM isn’t confined to NA either.

            Finally, we learn today in the Daily Mail that imams in the UK are telling the kids sex slaves are fine. This was recorded by an undercover reporter (http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3716280/Yes-boys-sex-slaves-Outrage-British-Muslim-cleric-mosque-Cardiff-jihadis-radicalised-tells-teenagers-captives-permissible-Islam.html). In other words, take a few wives, maybe some are underage–they are there to serve the man. Divorce isn’t allowed. And if there’s a disagreement, let it be handled by the Sharia Courts in the UK that tell the woman that wants a divorce that she has failed her husband and to try harder (http://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/politics/sharia-courts-in-uk-face-government-probe-over-treatment-of-women-a7049826.html)

            I’m sorry, but again these are not western values.

            PS. CNN reports today that Europe is facing an ISIS attack every 84 hours. We can hope that letting those with more fundamentalist beliefs into our country won’t yield the same. The scariest part of this the CNN article notes is that your normal French citizen is getting more and more comfortable with throwing due process out the window in order to quell the attacks.

            I’ll ask again: Are you comfortable bringing people into the country that believe homosexulaity should be illegal and that will have their daughter circumcised when she is of the right age? I might be IF I knew that these radical views faded over time. But more polling tells us these views DON’T fade, and in fact they get hardened in subsequent generations.

            1. No, I am not comfortable with that – as I don’t think many people are. I believe it is something the immigration department deals with all the time. BUT that does not mean all Muslims can be painted as such. The Pew research from 2013 is very interesting, especially as it points to certain practices and attitudes being cultural/geographical, which shows Muslims cannot be painted with a broad brush. Pew Research shows that attitudes of American Muslims differ from Muslims in different parts of the world, which can be viewed as contradicting your last sentence. The articles above can’t possibly summarize a whole religion and billions of Muslims – especially when Pew Research shows the differing answers and attitudes of Muslims in specific regions of the world. It is a scary time and understand the need to work to keep our population safe. Unfortunately, our immigration system system cannot ever be without some risk.I believe the system in place and those in charge of it are always looking for new safeguards to instill in it, even with the screening process already being long and intense. Our country does though have freedom of religion, even if/when that religion has components to it that differ from ‘western values.’ Of note, there are also devout Christians in this country that believe homosexuality should be illegal, women should obey their husbands, divorce is a sin, women should not work outside the home, etc. Things that also don’t seem to mesh with today’s ‘western values’

          1. As I noted, I’d would have given these kids a stern talking to if I witnessed what happened. What they did was not right. But we must also stand against what isn’t right when we see it being practiced by immigrants. If a group wants multiple wives and will not permit a wife to leave an abusive marriage…would YOU speak up?

  • I think the point is, are these people willing to assimilate? Why come here if you are not willing to do so? Yes, we offer freedom of religion but nearly 80% of the US are Christians. I find the Muslim religion offensive and an extreme contrast to Christianity but I would never say anything nor would I let my children do so. And to reference the Virgin Mary and the Old Testament in this day is ridiculous. Even nuns don’t wear habits anymore. In your country, Muslims slaughter Christians.

    1. Well I find you offensive and I am an American. Can I decide what you practice and wear?

    2. So much ignorance. This country is about freedom of religion. Forgetting this of the problem. Remember that next time you try to sound smart in a comment section on some story.

      1. Freedom of religion doesn’t give anyone the right to hit women if they don’t wear a headscarf. As I’ve demonstrated elsewhere, the Sammamish Mosque teaches its men to do just that. (And odds are other mosques do the same.)
        Where are the feminists protesting this spousal abuse? Your silence is deafening. And shameful.

  • This is heartbreaking. I have sadly witnessed the same intolerance on more than one occasion outside of the local Indian Restaurant in Snoqualmie Ridge. I suppose it’s ignorance. There are people who have not been exposed to other cultures. I believe that it’s fear and ignorance that fuels this reaction. Additionally, there are still generations who are very racist. Children hear those remarks from older generations and think it’s OK. I remember my Granparents saying vile things about other races. We are a product of our environment. Be very careful of what you say around children when you criticize others. Somebody is listening. This is learned behavior and it’s disgusting!!

  • On the other hand, this article does not mention the other half of the conversation that took place in that FB group. There were many, many comments thanking the woman for stepping in, showing support for our Muslim neighbors, etc, and that was very heart-warming. But there was one woman who also spoke up to point out that (paraphrased) we do also need to be watchful. She is from the Muslim community and is fearful more of the Islamic extremists than she is of the backlash from white America. She shared things that, if true, indicated that she has more first-hand experience with terrorism than most of us do. She was ridiculed and shamed. Most people in the conversation simply told her (again paraphrased) that she should not be fearful and that she is the one that should be feared. There was no empathy or compassion toward her. Yes, the way that she said things was a bit confrontational and could have been said in a different and perhaps more respectful way. But honestly, I was ashamed of the response that she received. Sometimes we have to look past how people say things and try to hear their meaning.

  • I don’t care if you’re white, black, brown, or purple, Christian, Muslim, Atheist, or Jew, gay, straight, LBGT, or whatever . Washington State has become crowded, over-priced, and culturally compromised since you all decided this was the place to live out your self-indulgent, narcissistic lives . You should ALL go back to where you came from. And take your stupid hand-held gadgets with you.

  • Not what we like to think goes on in our community but
    their clothing IS an outward sign of traditions that are not of Western values. Women are treated like second class citizens. We have fought very hard in this country for progress for women’s rights, lesbians, gays,
    transgender, equal marriage and now we are told to be tolerant of people who DO NOT align with our values? NO THANK YOU. They
    would not do this for me if I moved to Pakistan. When I see
    Muslim women dressed in traditional clothing, I immediately think of
    an oppressed culture where women are beat, shot, shamed and
    tortured. I agree they should adapt. Otherwise why move here?

    1. Pakistan is just one Muslim country. I believe there are about 50 Muslim-majority countries with 1.7 billion people – in which the treatment of women can vary. The treatment of women in Pakistan is not universal across Muslim-majority countries around the world and there are countries where Muslim women have equal freedoms, has/have served as heads of government or heads of state. Does wearing a headscarf or traditional clothing necessarily mean they have not adapted,or who says they have to adapt to wearing ‘western clothes’ if how they dress is how they respect their religion – and freedom of religion is a constitutional right? Do the clothes a person wears dictate their values? I believe there are many American women who might fight that correlation.

      1. Danna wrote: “Pakistan is just one Muslim country. ”

        Oh, you want examples outside Pakistan? No prob:

        1. So you are saying that these extreme acts should be used to judge a whole religion that 2 billion people practice, the majority of whom are peaceful people?

          1. Pew polling shows that hundreds of millions of muslims believe that killing someone that leaves the church is acceptable. Yes, the majority are peaceful, but out of a group of random Muslim from the middle east, a huge percentage (~30%) will believe that killing is OK for those that leave the church, and that chopping off a hand is the right punishment for theft and that stoning is OK for adultery. These are not western values.

            Here’s a NYT profile on a woman who was accused of defacing a Koran in Afhanistan. Warning: It does not end well for her. This is the mob justice affirmed in the Pew poll put into action. And this is incompatible with the west.


        2. Do you feel smart yet because you have nit picked extreme examples that get media coverage and cited them as means to condemn nearly 2 billion people living on this planet?

  • No one gets to judge any other religion or tell anyone else how to dress. No one appointed you as supreme deciders of what Americans should practice and wear. It is called freedom, people. Learn what that means, acceptance of all people is what America is really about. Bigotry and racism have no place here!!
    I find it interesting that some people on this thread will defend outright racist and sexist behavior by claiming incidents in other countries.. you are part of the problem.

  • The hate in the comments is not ok. Don’t you people realize that the moment that we spread all this hate towards Muslims that isis wins? That’s their goal! They want to spread hate and you’re just doing it for them. I’d like to point out that isis kills more Muslims than any other group of people and that is a proven fact. They want to end Islam and all you are doing is helping them. The moment we turn Muslims away is the moment we lose the war against isis. “I call for the complete shut down of Muslims entering the United states”. Do you not understand how easy it is for a young muslim, teenage boy to be radicalized after a statement like that? A innocent teen who has never done anything wrong, being bombarded by hate and feels that the only thing he can do is fight back will think that the only way to survive is to join isis! This is wrong, what we need is to spread love, I don’t care how corny that sounds that’s the only thing that eventually beats evil. Because if that young boy was shown gratitude and love from the people around him he wouldn’t feel the need to run away. The hate ruins what America stands for and anyone who thinks Muslims need to be banned is part of the problem. It literally says it in our FIRST amendment, written by our founding fathers that EVERYONE has freedom of religion. To go against Islam is to go against America. Love is the answer. Stop debating and help Muslims fight isis because we are all hurting from this group. Muslims wants to stop isis and spreading this hate only helps them so instead join the other Mulsims in the fight so we can end this. We are turning against each other and our common enemy just keeps getting away with their brutality because we keep blaming eachother instead of joining hands and fighting together.

  • There’s a naive assumption by everyone defending the misogynistic headscarf and hijab: That all the women wearing it are doing so voluntarily.

    Here is Wassim Fayed, the imam at the Sammamish mosque (only 25 min away from Snoqualmie), indicating that women should be hit if they don’t wear their hijab:
    Go to 8:00 at http://www.popmodal.com/video/7382/US-Imam-Allah-is-clear-you-can-hit-your-wife

    So much for it being voluntary. Other than shackles, it’s the clearest symbol of oppression and second-class citizenship for women on the planet. Every “feminist” defending it should be ashamed.

    1. Amen sister! We have worked our butts off to come this far as women.
      I’m not against these women but I do feel sorry for them
      because as I mentioned in my previous post, when I see it I
      think of an oppressed culture. This is more than freedom of religion.
      People here defending her religious freedom don’t realize this is a contradiction. You defend her religion yet it’s her very religion that allows
      men to treat her like garbage. Go sit in a mosque and listen. After that come back to this post and see why it does not align with Western values. I don’t think anyone should be taunted in the Safeway parking lot but defending a religion and dress that takes women back thousands of years that in an insult to progress makes you look naive.

      1. “Go sit in a mosque and listen”? Something tells me you don’t sit in many mosques. I have never met a Muslim woman in the United States feeling oppressed by the head scarf she wears in honor of the women who came before her. And just for the record head scarfs and those horrible full body dresses some women are forced to wear in the Middle East aren’t Muslim they are regional. They aren’t even mentioned in the Quran. It has to do with country of origin not the religion itself. There are muslim and Hindu women in India who both wear head scarves.

    2. If you want to learn anything about head scarves go actually talk to a Muslim woman in your community instead of just reading articles and responding with hate and fear. Also that video is taken out of context

  • Out of curiosity, who thinks its okay to display the confederate flag? If not, shouldn’t we respect the culture and beliefs of those who wish to display it?

  • we tolerate differences in belief. We should not be forced to accept them. There is a big difference. On the other hand, these jerks need the crap beaten out of them. When I was young, the men of the community kept adolescent boys in check. The police were rarely called, but if they were , the consequences were heavy. We have a large minority of young men and women who believe there are no limits on their behavior because that is what they have been taught. Why did these kids do such horrible things? Wrong question. Right question, why not do it? There are no real consequences. Are there?

  • The amount of hate, ignorance and prejudice in the comments is just sad 🙁 can’t believe the amount of time spent searching the Internet to find all those misleading information about Islam! If you really want to learn about Islam… Why don’t you just go talk to a Muslim in your community! Instead of acting out of fear try to act out of love.
    I feel sorry you have to walk around with all this fear and hate in your heart to ppl you don’t know!
    Love your neighbor ( only if they look…act… dress like you !!!!! And everybody else in thir circle or country of origin does…. Seriously !!!!!

    1. “all those misleading information about Islam”
      Point to the misleading information.

      It’s a fact that it’s a misogynist ideology. Here is Wassim Fayed, the imam at the Sammamish mosque, indicating that women should be hit if they don’t wear their hijab: Go to 8:00 at http://www.popmodal.com/video/7382/US-Imam-Allah-is-clear-you-can-hit-your-wife

      Tell us, “Muslim neighbor,” do you agree with the Sammamish mosque? Yes or no?

    2. I don’t hate women who are forced to wear the hijab (under threat of violence). I feel sorry for them. Let’s hope these women eventually free themselves from the barbaric and misogynistic ideology known as Islam.

    3. I would like to point out that the most serious probelm here is people who know essentially nothing about a religion and culture making rash judgements. If you want to learn, go speak to a Muslim in your community, like the smart person here said.

      1. Yes, Mike I studied theology and yes I have visited a mosque as well as many other places of worship in my studies abroad. Think what you want about Islam but it’s not a peaceful religion. I don’t have to accept their faith. In fact I reject it.

  • Thank you Danna for posting this article as it has sparked important conversations communities like ours need to have. The verbal assault these young women experienced is not isolated and in fact, one of many faced by people of color living in small cities like Issaquah & Snoqualmie– that are historically and predominantly populated by caucasians. In response to growing bigotry-based bullying, a group of Snoqualmie residents have started a pro-peace, diversity awareness campaign called ONE SNOQUALMIE. The mission of this campaign promotes cultural unity and human understanding of our different histories and walks of life. ONE SNOQUALMIE organizers are introducing the campaign publicly in a cultural arts installation during Railroad Days. Scheduled for September 29 is a tasting event reflecting the culinary “melting pot” happening in Snoqualmie Valley. The group is also planning to initiate a series of social forums called “Peace Talks.” Set to start in October “Peace Talks” are set up to actively promote peace and unity within our communities through educational and social events that lead to progressive actions. For more information visit http://www.facebook.com/onesnoqualmie

    1. Kimberly, that sounds like a great cause.
      If you’re hoping to reduce violence against these women, I hope that your group will also protest the institutional spousal abuse that takes place against them by their Muslim husbands. Here’s Wassim Fayed, the imam at the Sammamish mosque, indicating that women should be hit if they don’t wear their headscarf: Go to 8:00 at http://www.popmodal.com/video/7382/US-Imam-Allah-is-clear-you-can-hit-your-wife

      Kimberly, will your group ask the Sammamish Mosque to stop promoting spousal abuse against these women?

    2. I wonder if the Snoqualmie Mosque agrees with the Sammamish Mosque that women should be hit if they disobey their husbands. Perhaps that’s something else you could investigate, Kimberly. If you really care about stopping violence against these women.

    3. Kimberly- Islam is not freedom. Its associated with chains.
      Your cause sounds good in theory but it’s asking us to
      embrace something that goes against our way of thinking.
      You cannot force westerners to accept their religion.
      When one speaks of religious freedom in this country,
      Muslims do not align with our culture. They have no plans to either.
      YOUR way of thinking sounds good but applying it
      is like selling an axe to a turkey. They want to take over America
      with this sick ideology. Not going to stand by and play
      nice when 70% of mosques are radicalized. Your post
      mentions “cultural unity?” What a naive statement when there
      is NO unity in Muslim values and western values. Please do
      your research

  • Here’s some more info about the Koran and Islam (but not for the faint of heart):

  • Living Snoqualmie