Handgun Threat over Noise leads to Arrest of North Bend man

The Snoqualmie Police Department reported that on November 2, 2016 at approximately 8:45PM, a Snoqualmie Police Officer serving North Bend responded to a noise complaint in the 400 block of SE North Bend Way.  The officer contacted four male adults, who agreed to keep the noise down.

Then around 10PM, police responded to multiple 911 calls at the same location with reports of a male suspect armed with a handgun threatening the four subjects from the previous noise complaint. Arriving officers learned that the suspect had first displayed a handgun in his waistband before drawing it and pointing it at one person’s head.

According to KOMO News, the man was angry over the noise the group was making with a bullhorn and so pulled the gun.

The suspect subsequently returned to his apartment in the 400 block of SE North Bend Way. Police contained the scene and successfully removed a 24-year-old female, a 31-year-old female, and a 13-month-old child from the apartment, along with the handgun.

The Coalition of Small Police Agencies Special Operations Team was deployed and, after attempts to contact the suspect failed, entered the apartment at 3:45AM. The suspect was taken into custody without incident.

The 26–year-old North Bend resident was booked into the King County Jail on multiple counts of First Degree Assault and possession of a stolen firearm.

Snoqualmie Police stated the case is currently under investigation, with additional charges pending.

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  • The suspect deciding to pull the gun had absolutely NOTHING to do with a bullhorn going off! I’m not sure why you’re referencing KOMO 4 news since the first story they published had hardly any facts correct! (They have since corrected some but not all of their inconsistencies.) The “bullhorn” incident” was hours earlier and had been resolved. In the meantime, the suspect had talked to the adults in a friendly manner and even tried to sell them drugs! Knowing he was not in the right frame of mind, they were just trying to be nice as to not provoke him and set him off. It was quite obvious what type of person he was. It wasn’t until an unidentified person drove by and did a burnout in front of his apartment that he finally lost it. (Also just getting into an argument with his “girlfriend” probably didn’t help either.) The drugged out gang-banger wannabe loser then came out and saw a truck (that he probably thought was the one that just did the burnout) and went towards it with a gun. He didn’t even know the people inside were the same people from earlier since they were inside a different truck! He came walking across the street drugged out of his mind with crazy eyes, a torn up wife-beater, a limp in his walk and screaming a foreign language. He didn’t just “pull” a gun. He held it to multiple people and had one laying on the ground face down with it to his head. He also chased the victims around the truck with it. A witness then showed up which is why he left. He also threatened to kill his own daughter and girlfriend/wife?! The only reason he was taken into custody with no incident is because he passed out from all the drugs he was on! I just can’t believe there’s people out there defending this reject of society and actually believing everything the news reports!

  • Living Snoqualmie