Growth, Traffic, Roundabouts | Find out Candidates’ Positions at Pre-election Forums

More Growth?  Traffic Congestion?  Roundabouts? 

Did this get your attention?  Well, the leadership of the Cities of North Bend and Snoqualmie regularly address these sometime contentious issues – and will continue to deal with them in the near future. 

And, coming in November (with ballots arriving in October), many of those city leadership positions are up for election.

As a service to the community, the Snoqualmie Valley Chamber of Commerce is hosting a Candidate Forum so that residents can hear the candidates personally discuss their positions on these and other hot-button topics that matter to those who live or work in the Snoqualmie Valley. 

The Forum happens Friday, September 18, 2015 at TPC Snoqualmie Ridge during the Chamber luncheon. There will be a meet and greet with candidates in the lobby from 11:30AM to 12PM. Lunch and the forum will be held from 12PM to 2PM. It’s a great opportunity to hear from the candidates and explore their positions.

Residents are urged to register online for this informative [and delicious] luncheon before it fills up HERE.

The races, as well as candidates in alphabetical order by last name, and by position are:

  • North Bend Mayor:  Ken Hearing and Mary Miller
  • North Bend City Council Position #1:   Jonathan Rosen
  • North Bend City Council Position #3:  Trevor Kostanich and Dee Wayne Williamson
  • North Bend City Council Position #5:  David Cook and Brenden Elwood
  • North Bend City Council Position #7:  Judy Bilanko and Martin Volken
  • Snoqualmie City Council Position #2:  Chelley Patterson
  • Snoqualmie City Council Position #4:  Brad Toft
  • Snoqualmie City Council Position #6:  Joe Larson and Charles S. Peterson

Another Candidate Forum featuring Hospital Board Candidates will be held at the October 16th Chamber Luncheon, 11:30AM – 2PM, at TPC Snoqualmie Ridge.

A North Bend Only Candidate forum will also take place at the North Bend Theatre on October 7th at 6PM.

[The Snoqualmie Valley Chamber of Commerce is the voice in the Valley devoted to supporting businesses and promoting commerce.  Questions?  Contact Kaylee Hardman at 888-6362 or at]


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  • Friday afternoon noon-2pm and $35 ???!! So, it costs money to attend and only if you are unemployed…seems reasonable

  • 100% agree with you Kevin, it is no accident that it is planned this way either. It is a good thing for the chamber of commerce to step up and facilitate opportunities to hear our candidates and I would not like to discourage their participation. A point however should be addressed at every level of government that their guiding principal is to serve the people. Businesses are very important, we all work for or at one and often our success is intertwined with the success of businesses in our community, however people and the community we build are most important. I believe that the venue for a candidate forum should always be at a public venue like a community center or library when possible. And when not possible that event should be free, and at a time which encourages the most people to attend.

    1. I agree too!
      I got the impression this wasn’t for the residents or the people. If it was, it would be free and at a reasonable time. I’m curious where that money is going to, it can’t be just the food!?! Don’t tell me it goes to the venue fee? What happened to public service? Sounds completely backwards…

  • Anyway to make a buck. No thanks to paying to meet our candidate’s. It’s bad enough they load our mail boxes with junk in my opinion.

  • Living Snoqualmie