Four-year, 42% utility rate increase goes into effect; funds improvements, operations

If you notice an increase on your next water/sewer bill, you probably didn’t use more water. It’s [most likely] due to a rate increase the City of Snoqualmie says will fund infrastructure, equipment, facilities and operations activities.

Snoqualmie sent out a press release to remind residents/business owners about the newly effective utility rates. According to the release, the graduated rate increases were recently approved by city council  following a comprehensive utility rate study and staff recommendation.

Water, sewer and storm water service rates will increase incrementally over the next four years, amounting to an approximate 42% residential increase by 2020.

The biggest increase, though, will be felt by ‘high’ commercial customers as their higher concentrated sewer flows are more expensive to treat. Those ‘high’ commercial rates were predicted to double over the four year period. The council also approved new connection charges for each utility.

The city explained that revenue from the utility rates and connection charges will fund water and sewer main replacements; fire flow improvements; implementation of storm water programs and installation of drainage systems to meet new state requirements; improvements to the wastewater treatment facility; reconstruction and upgrades to lift stations; and 24/7 wastewater operations to protect water quality and public health; and other operational activities.

The last time the city raised utility rates was in 2014, approving a 3-year, 26% increase.

For more information on the new residential and commercial rates visit the City of Snoqualmie website. Low income eligibility requirements and an application for reduced monthly water rates are also posted on the city website.

Rate comparison contained within the recently completed city utility rate study.



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  • Being at the top of the Combined Rate Comparison graph is not “winning”. It’s quite the opposite. The goal should not be to have the highest taxes. The goal should be to do the most with the minimal amount of taxes possible. Efficiency. Not endless rate hikes. Remember, the vast majority of the public does not have their salaries rise by 26% and 42% every 3-4 years.

    1. Agree 100%. It’s time for new blood in the Snoq City government. The current mayor and council need to get the boot.

      1. Agreed. For those brave enough to return, vote them all out.

        Frankly this kind of increase smacks of poor planning.

        Of course, we see poor planning all around us – e.g. the big white “landing pad” off the parkway, the new hotel that will tower over the Parkway and we lessened our standards to accommodate (desperate much?), the new subdivision next to Snoqualmie Falls, etc. I am tired of empire building by our city… especially when they are so inept at it.

  • This is Joan Pliego, Communications Manager for the City of Snoqualmie. The rate increase tables for water, sewer, and stormwater, as well as an FAQ about the rate increases and connection charges are posted on the city website at If you have questions, please email Thank you.

  • I think this is ridiculous 42% !!! Are you people crazy? People moved out here to be more in the country. Now we are getting more buildings, more homes and you want us to pay an additional 42% to compensate for all of this. This is just unbelievable.

  • Living Snoqualmie