Former Snoqualmie mayor starts new business, aims to make things sharper in town

Ever since he was a teenager, former Snoqualmie mayor Fuzzy Fletcher said he has been interested in cutlery and metalworking. In fact, he spent 30+ years of his working life machining, tool making and sharpening tools. Now he’s made the leap to small business owner, opening his own shop in downtown Snoqualmie to serve the Snoqualmie Valley with Buffalo Bladeworks, LLC (BBW).

Buffalo Bladeworks opened its doors August 1st, 2018. Fuzzy was able to turn a shop building on his property into a business home base. He said his primary service is sharpening knives, but also services other tools.

Fletcher feels there is a definite need for his skills, saying, “Homeowners, chefs, butchers & gardeners all use tools that sooner or later require a touch up on an existing edge and at other times require a refurbished contour or edge. Broken tips repaired or the entire tool repaired.”

Fun Fact. Did you know? A sharp knife cuts thru an onion with little or no damage to the cells? Fuzzy explained that there is less damage to the cells, which  means less gas eliminated and therefore less onion tears. Fun Fact #2: Sharp knives cause less need to use brute strength to cut thru something, which means less stress on wrists and shoulders and a lot more  enjoyable time preparing meals for family and friends.

Along with Kitchen knives, both non-serrated and serrated, Buffalo Bladeworks can sharpen, garden tools like loppers, clippers, pruning saws and lawnmower blades – push or reel mowers, too. Additionally, the can provide attention to outdoor tools like axes and hatchets, along with hunting tools.

Fuzzy said, “We are sharpening blades for local butchers and restaurants, along with local gardeners and homeowners, all of whom want a professional grade edge be put on their tools”.

Currently BBW turn-around time is 48-72 hours. The have a few sets of loaner kitchen knives for clients that desire to use them. They also offer a subscription service that reminds clients on a regular basis, usually twice a year for homeowners, that it is time to resharpen your knives.

BBW will be adding sales of a select few brand names of new knives in the near future and are also finalizing their new Facebook page.

Buffalo Bladeworks shop is located Downtown Snoqualmie. They can be reached at or at (206) 390-4136.

All hours are by appointment only. Tools can be dropped off or Fuzzy said he can provide pick up and drop off service anywhere in the upper Snoqualmie Valley.

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  • Best of luck to you Fuzzy. I know from your work ethics you will be doing the valley a great service.

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