Follow up | Candidate Apologizes for Sign Placing Snafu, Signs fixed

Thank you to this local candidate for providing comments regarding the recent, ill-advised placement of the campaign’s signs.
On Friday, October 23, 2015, Snoqualmie Valley Hospital District Commissioner Candidate Emma Herron responded to the issue of her campaign signs being placed so as to block those of her opponent’s in multiple locations along Railroad Ave in downtown Snoqualmie.
It was explained that ‘young supporters’ placed signs in the questionable manner and the situation has since been rectified.
Herron is running against Ryan Roberts for King County Public Hospital District No. 4 (Snoqualmie Valley) Position #3 in the November 3rd General Election.
Emma Herron Campaign Comment:
“I called Ryan Roberts today and spoke with him to apologize for the overly exuberant young people posting my signs. These young people got carried away and placed some of my campaign signs in a way that blocked his signs. I truly did not have any idea that this was going to happen. I take responsibility for it. I have also explained to them that in any election, how important it is that we follow the rules, including the “Golden Rule.”
This will be a learning experience for my young supporters and …….. for everyone.  I have also been told that some of the signs of a candidate for the Snoqualmie City Council simply disappeared.  This is also unfair.  Good government requires fair, ethical, and impartial elections including issues like these.
Anyone noticing the improper placement of one of my signs or related problems is invited to contact me personally at 425-396-5249 and I will take immediate action. I want to earn your vote by ethical and honest service.
Again, I apologize to you Ryan Roberts.  Thank you.”

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  • Thank you Living SNOQUALMIE for your fair and balanced reporting.
    This is a learning lesson for all citizens ( young and old) of this Great Nation.
    Have a wonderful week.

  • Living Snoqualmie