First Stretch of Warm Spring Weather comes Attached with Wind for Snoqualmie Valley

The Snoqualmie Valley is set to pick up its first few warm spring days, beginning Tuesday April 29, 2014, and lasting a for about three days. After what feels like three consecutive months of gray rain, it’s a welcome event for many.

The first warm stretch, though, comes with a footnote – ‘windy.’  breezytrees

A thermal through is responsible for ushering in the warm spring temperatures, and with it, a switch to an offshore wind direction. As those easterly winds push down the Cascade  Mountain slopes, they compresses and warm the air.  So Seattle will get warm with light easterly breeze, while the Snoqualmie Valley gets slightly warmer and more windy.

Weather forecasts show winds in the foothills staying in the 15-25mph range and temperatures Wednesday and Thursday pushing near 80 degrees.  Then the thermal trough dissipates and onshore winds return, along with cooler temperatures and the threat of rain by the weekend. Friday will make it to possibly 70 and then Saturday we make it to about 60 degrees with rain expected.

So enjoy the first warmth of spring – with a side of wind and see the silver lining… in 2008 Snoqualmie had snow the last weekend of April. Yes, snow.


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