Fire & Police News | Banned Fireworks Will Come with Hefty Fine; Police Survey Shows Increasing Citizen Satisfaction

Fire Dept: 2015 Last Year for Legal Aerial Fireworks in Snoqualmie

SQFDBadgeIn February, the Snoqualmie City Council voted unanimously to amend the City of Snoqualmie Fireworks Ordinance. Effective in February 2016, no aerial firework devices of any kind may be discharged within the city limits.

Consumer fireworks allowed include trick and novelty devices and consumer fireworks consisting solely of ground and hand-held sparking devices and/or smoke devices.

Consumer fireworks are allowed to be discharged only on July 4th from 9AM to midnight and on December 31st from 10PM to January 1st at 12:30AM.

Every person found to have unlawfully discharged fireworks shall pay a monetary penalty of $750.

Police: Survey Shows Increased Citizen Satisfaction

The Snoqualmie Police Department conducted an online survey of North Bend residents and businesses in January 2015 to gauge the level of satisfaction with Snoqualmie’s police services in North Bend.

Before the Snoqualmie Police Service service contract began in North Bend in March 2014, SPD conducted the same online survey to determine feelings of safety, priority issues and expected police response in the North Bend community.

One year later, the two sets of results can be compared to help the department know how they are doing in North Bend.

When respondent answered how safe (in general) they felt in North Bend, 58% percent reported feeling very safe in 2014 vs. 78% answering they feel very safe in 2015.

When asked if they thought crime in North Bend had increased, decreased, or remained the same over the past year, survey results showed a large improvement in resident and business perspective.

According to the past survey done before Snoqualmie Police began service in North Bend, only 4% of people answered that they felt crime had decreased over the previous year.  In this year’s survey, 52% said they felt crime had decreased over the year.

Snoqualmie Police Chief Steve McCulley said the overall survey responses indicates increased police service satisfaction in North Bend.

McCulley elaborated, “What is more important is the trust that the community and officers have built together. We have a great team of police officers dedicated to public safety and service.”

To view the 2015 full report, with a full list of citizens comments, as well as the 2014 Police Service Survey report, visit the Snoqualmie Police Department website.

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  • Is consumer discharge of fireworks on Dec 31 new? When I researched last year fireworks on New Years Eve was not legal in the city of Snoqualmie. Only in unincorporated King County.

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