Favorite Valley Handyman Retiring, Hanging up the Toolbelt and Removed from “The List”

It’s not everyday a business owner tells you they have “too much business,” but that’s exactly what has happened to my favorite handyman listed on the Living Snoqualmie recommended contractor page.

I met Mike Williams about three years ago when I needed a reliable handyman for a rental property; a local Snoqualmie Valley yahoo group member handymanrecommended him to me.  He had no idea then that I would eventually create Living Snoqualmie and for a while, make his retirement years a bit hectic.

Mike has helped me these last few years in many ways.  We did a little HGTV “before and after” project on that rental property in between renters, as well as a total rehab project when renters left the “after” state, the newly remodeled property, in dire shape.  Most importantly, he was always professional, someone I could a count on.

For me, it was also about working alongside Mike and having him teach me things, including how to use spray texture and the importance of Purdy paint brushes.  He is the definition of the word integrity and quality.  If he couldn’t do the job, he recommended the right person and didn’t charge a thing.

But it’s time.  Time to retire a little.  Spend more time with the family.  After all, this handyman gig was supposed to be an “on-the-side” thing to supplement his retirement years, not a full-time job.  Full-time is almost what it became when I put his name on “the list.”

Mike, though, always sees the positive, saying the extra business of the last two years enabled him to help two out-of-work contractors who were struggling to keep their homes.  They were able to help with him with his increased workload.

In his retirement from the Living Snoqualmie Recommended Contractor List, Mike plans to help community members who need handyman work, but cannot afford it, as well as continue to go beyond what his much smaller number of customers expect – to the best of his abilities.

Living Snoqualmie wishes Mike the best of luck.  He is a valued part of the community, a mentor, working with integrity.

I met Mike a year after losing my dad, my teacher when it came to projects around the house.  Mike continued to teach me things, in a guiding fatherly way.  And, his teaching was about more than just handyman jobs.  It was about community, a communicating community that helps each other.

Thanks, Mike!

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  • Good for you, Mike… You have been and always will be a treasure to many. Thanks for all you have done for so many. D & L

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