Tragic North Bend Car Accident Takes Life of Mount Si Student, Three Others Injured

The King County Sheriff’s Office confirmed that there was a fatal vehicular accident in the Middle Fork Road area of North Bend Saturday, February 8, 2014, around 7:50PM.

On Sunday afternoon, February 9th, King County Sheriff’s Office (KCSO) Sergeant Cindi West said five people were coming back from a campfire, about four miles up SE Middle Fork Road, when the driver lost control lost control and the Toyota Landcruiser rolled.

The part of the road the accident occurred on is a dirt, National Forest Service road.  When the vehicle left the roadway, it went down an embankment and impacted trees and a large boulder.  Investigators say the weather was dry at the time of the accident.

KCSO reports one male in the back left seat died at the scene; one male was taken to Harborview Medical Center in critical condition;  one male and female were transported to area hospitals; and the 16-year old male driver was treated at the scene and was not injured.

Drugs and alcohol are NOT suspected.  The investigation is ongoing and the cause has yet to be determined.

The ages of all victims were not confirmed, but Sgt. West says she thinks those involved were Mount Si High School students.  According to social media, the deceased was a 17-year old Mount Si High School junior.

Mount Si Principal, John Belcher, announced the tragic news to parents in a special “Principal’s Message” email on Monday morning, February 10th, which stated news of the accident was shared with Mount Si staff this morning and would be shared with students Tuesday, February 11th, when they return after a snow day school closure.

Principal Belcher said extra support will be offered for anyone at the school in need.  The auditorium will be set up as an drop-in room to provide a quiet, safe place for students to go for support from other students and counselors.

He also stated in the email, “Additional district counselors, staff, administration and faith-based community members will also be invited to support students and staff during this difficult time tomorrow.”




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  • The boy who died was our son. I hope all of his classmates learn from this tragic event. Too much speed and lack of driving experience are the sole reason for what happened. Your parents aren’t trying to bother you. Your parents have experience. The next time an officer pulls you over and yells at you for being an idiot, remember that he may have just seen one of these horrible, horrible accidents and another dead teen.

    1. Wise wise words. Your family n friends are still in my thoughts and prayers. And A Life Lesson that I choose to try to pass on to my own son is now 13. Lifelong Valley resident and this shocked and hopefully will go up the community. A Life Lesson and hard reality that I tried to inflict on to my son who is now 13. It can happen to anyone. God bless you all

  • Living Snoqualmie