Fatal accident on SR 18 takes life of North Bend woman

On Saturday afternoon, January 25th, Eastside Fire & Rescue crews were on the scene of a serious accident involving a semi truck and passenger vehicle on westbound SR 18 just west of the I-90 interchange.

The collision happened at 11:20AM approximately halfway between the 90/18 interchange and the Raging River (milepost 27) and blocked all lanes blocked. SR 18 has three lanes in this stretch of the highway.

EF&R reported taking one person to a local hospital for further treatment and that SR 18 would be closed in both directions for an extended period of time.

WSP took over the scene after firefighters left around 12:30PM and then announced the collision involved a fatality. EF&R Chief Jeff Clark stated the accident caused one injury and one fatality.

Washington State Patrol said a small SUV heading westbound crossed the center line and hit the semi that was traveling eastbound. Both vehicles ended up in a roadside ditch.

The 47-year old North Bend woman driving the SUV died at the scene. The 46-year old male semi truck driver was injured and taken to Overlake Medical Center. Drugs and/or alcohol were not involved according to police.

SR 18 was closed between I-90 and Issaquah/Hobart Road for approximately seven hours so detectives could complete the accident investigation.

Additional information will be provided as it becomes available.

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  • It appears most of these accidents on SR18 going over Tiger Mountain are on areas of the road where there are no cement dividers. Washington state had a $2.8 billion budget surplus on March of 2019. Why can’t some of that money be spent on the cement dividers while studies and Yip Yap are taking place?

    1. Why can’t people just learn to drive and not take chances and stay off the phone!!!

      1. And where in the report does it say she was on the phone? Stop making assumptions. This person was family.

      2. Do you know this person was on the phone? If not, that extremely rude to call her out like that less than 24 hrs of her death.

    2. Because byhe state is more interested in pandering to people that don’t want to help themselves. Also spending money fighting to restrict the rights of Washington citizens. This highway bhas been a national problem for years. Idont have enough fingers to count the number of schoolates, and aquantences I’ve known to have died in this road. It was in the nation’s top 5 deadliest highways list, so they have known for some time that it’s dangerous. Everyone that has lost a lived one on this road should sue the state of Washington for not putting our tax dollars where they have known to be needed. Put our state dollars where they will actually save lives and fix this damn road!

  • Why can’t some, or all, of it be used to fix highway 18 in that area? People told us legalize lotto and the revenue will go to repair roads and find schools. Same with casinos. Well, what are the two worse things in the state? Where’s all this money going to? Time for an audit, maybe?

  • There was a discussion here in Oct 2018 for this same thing, how unsafe 180 is. When is Washington State going to start taking responsibility for the deaths that are occurring since they know people are dying out there.

    1. This has been an issue since the early 80’s. Many senseless deaths. They are more concerned about traffic flow then they are with road safety.ets do the 405 S curves 2-3 times over because people don’t wanna sit in traffic…but people can continue to die on this small stretch of road that for some reason couldn’t be completed properly because of funding?? BS!

  • There is heavy lobbying at the state legislature right now to make fixing this stretch of road a top funding priority. This lobbying is by the City of Snoqualmie along with other regional cities and the Snoqualmie Tribe (South East Area Legislative Transportation Coalition or SEAL-TC). It is a very hard time to find funding as many large projects are being cut because of I-976. Please contact your state legislators to emphasize to them how important this is. Our Snoqualmie area legislators are Senator Mark Mullet and Representatives Bill Ramos and Lisa Callan.

  • WA state lawmakers love to reallocate funds from projects such as the SR-18 lane expansion. The spot where most of these accidents take place are areas which blind you in an instant based on lighting and weather conditions. The SR-18 project was supposed to have been completed in 2006 if I remember correctly, but the state loves reallocationg funds for Seattle, Olympia and for anti-gun legislation. I watched a truck driver get decapitated in front of my own eyes years ago and that image will always haunt me. Seattle had the state funds reallocated to “Big Birtha” because Seattle liberals are more important than the rest of us that live here. I am so fed up with the democrats killing people so they can cater tp their leftist agendas and ignorant liberal supporters.

    1. Matthew Wilson the state has never allocated funds for this section of SR-18. We need the community to lobby for this funding, please support this terribly needed project.

  • Someone just died and everyone is using this to spout off their dumb opinions about politics and traffic management. You people.

  • Living Snoqualmie