Ensuring Safety this Summer: Your Guide to Snoqualmie’s Leash Law

As summer approaches, the days grow warmer and longer, inviting more people to step outside and enjoy Snoqualmie’s sidewalks and trails.

If you’re planning to take your furry family member along for a walk or run, it’s crucial to familiarize yourself with Snoqualmie’s leash law. This law mandates that all dogs when off their owner’s property, must be on a leash not exceeding 15 feet long unless confined within a vehicle or in the City’s Three Forks Off-Leash Dog Park.

Three Forks Dog Park located at 39912 SE Park Street in Snoqualmie, near Centennial Fields and Snoqualmie Elementary School.

The Importance of the Leash Law

The leash law exists to mitigate potential negative interactions and ensure the safety of both residents and their pets. Violations occur when dog owners knowingly allow their animals to roam off their property without a leash.

Additionally, if an owner, after receiving written notification from an animal control officer, allows their dog to be off leash again, it constitutes a repeat violation. Such infractions are considered misdemeanor offenses. However, the Snoqualmie Police Department usually starts with public education and warnings before further action.

Leash Law Public Education Campaign

To foster awareness and compliance, the Snoqualmie Police Department is launching a Leash Law Public Education campaign. Residents are encouraged to follow the City of Snoqualmie and Snoqualmie Police Department’s social media channels for ongoing updates and information.

The Risks of Off-Leash Dogs

While some dog owners might assert that their off-leash dog is friendly and poses no threat, this can still lead to serious issues:

  • Intimidation and Aggression: When approached by off-leash dogs, leashed dogs can feel threatened or protective of their owners, potentially resulting in aggressive behavior.
  • Unfriendly Interactions: Some dogs on leashes may not be friendly and could become aggressive if an off-leash dog approaches them.
  • Fear: Many children and adults fear dogs, which can be exacerbated by off-leash encounters.

Enjoying the Three Forks Off-Leash Dog Park

For those looking for a place where dogs can run freely, Three Forks Off-Leash Dog Park offers a safe and spacious environment. The park spans eight acres of open space at 39912 SE Park Street near Snoqualmie Elementary School.

The park features well-maintained grass, a soft-surface walking path around the perimeter, freshwater for dogs, an enclosed area for small dogs, and stunning views of Mount Si.

Responsibility and Consideration

Dogs are cherished friends and companions, but owning one also involves responsibilities. Owners must be considerate of others and adhere to the law.

According to Snoqualmie Municipal Code 6.04.020 (A), “All dogs off the premises of the owner shall be under the control of the owner or some duly authorized competent person by means of a leash.”

By following these guidelines, we can all contribute to a safer and more enjoyable community for everyone, including our beloved pets.

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  • W need more than just one dog park given the high ratio of dogs to families in the community and 3 rivers is only available to adults who drive a personal car – kids can’t get there and people who use the bus also don’t have access .

    + In the last year or so since Marymoor put a cap on professional dog walkers (and Fall City closed theirs a few years ago)so more paid dog walkers are bringing multiple dogs to the Three Forks Dog park. The last time we went we met one from Seattle who had 9 dogs with her and thought it was ‘”great” .

    In addition parks in Renton have had outbreaks of Pravo this spring – a highly deadly virus in dogs so it really isn’t safe so have large groups of unknown dogs in one area vs smaller parks with dog areas were people could have doggie play dates.

  • Living Snoqualmie