Eastbound off Ramp of I-90 at Exit 25 to Close overnight Thursday

If you’re out and about or work nights, there’s a freeway ramp closure that you want to be aware of – particularly if you reside on Snoqualmie Ridge or use westbound SR 18 to access areas of southeastern King County.

The Washington State Department of Transportation will close the I-90 eastbound ramp on exit 25 from Thursday, March 24th, at 9PM and reopen it on Friday, March 25th at 5AM.

WSDOT crews will be replacing a signal light that was damaged months ago at the bottom of the ramp, at the junction to westbound SR 18.  (You know, the one that’s been supported and held up by a large cement block and a thick steel rope.)

The City of Snoqualmie asks residents to use exit 27 off of eastbound I-90 as an alternative route to access the city.


Eastbound off ramp from I-90 to SR 18 will close Thursday night, 3/24.
Eastbound off ramp from I-90 to SR 18 will close Thursday night, 3/24.



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  • Closing the off ramp, A HIGHLY CRITICAL stretch of roadway for all of US, for switching out a utility pole seems overly radical. To me, this is exactly like the 21 century lowering OUR flag for every endless incident that comes along. We need to human up & do better & NOT close things off willy nilly and NOT have the masses shelter in place.
    We need to do better, plus this intersection is a joke where good people? break the law as a standard commuting practice… 🙁
    I hope the tipped over double dumper’s insurance pays for all this too.

    1. BTW it’s not JUST a utility pole, it’s a stop light signal pole that has, I think, six stop lights mounted on it. Currently it’s being held up by wire cables with concrete blocks as anchors. Looks precarious to me, glad to hear they’re finally fixing it. Probably will take two hoists to lift it or hold it in place. I’m surprised it would only require the offramp to be closed.

      I hope they fix the broken overpass in Issaquah soon too!

      Both have probably taken long to fix because of the delay with the insurance payouts.

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