Updated: Eastbound I-90 Closed at North Bend Due to a Fatal Collision

Updated 8:52 am: In a press memo from the Washington State Patrol (WSP), it was reported that a pedestrian was sitting in lane two of three Eastbound I-90 just west of milepost 34. Shortly before 9 pm on December 28th, an unknown number of cars struck them, vehicle one being one of them.

Vehicle one, driven by a 16-year-old from Mercer Island, stopped at the scene on the right shoulder. The roadway was blocked for approximately three hours.

The pedestrian has only been identified as being 32 years old.


Original Story

According to the WSP, I-90 is closed at milepost 34 for a car vs. pedestrian fatality collision that is fully blocking the roadway

The estimated reopening time is currently unknown.

Traffic is being diverted off at exit 34.

This is believed to be the third such collision in the area this year. Story will be updated as details become available

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  • Truly my heart goes out to the teen that hit the pedestrian. So awful. I don’t know if it was a suicide or drug or mental health issue with the person who died, my condolences go out to the family and loved ones. I do know I will be praying for that teen. I can’t imagine how I would have handled such a difficult situation at 16. Such a sad situation.

    1. My son was the one involved in this incident, he was not the first person to hit the pedestrian. He was actually hit by a semi truck first.

    2. Let us all remember the victim has a family as well and keep them in our prayers – this was someone’s son, brother, nephew, uncle, husband or boyfriend, possibly he had children…

      1. Yes he does have a family and we are devastated completely. He was a special person that was loved by many and is very sorely missed by all he touched in his life. It still doesn’t seem real…

        1. He was as big and tall as his heart. Heartbreaking… can’t shake it.

        2. God it doesn’t feel real. I’ve been crying since I found out. I just can’t believe he isn’t here anymore… my heart is forever broken.

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